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HanaBothWays t1_jdpmfpf wrote

There are use cases where biometrics are appropriate but, like, not for a sandwich shop.


asdaaaaaaaa t1_jdq2nn5 wrote

Unfortunately, I'd imagine many people won't think farther when companies say "It's for your security, don't you want to be like Tom Cruise buying your coffee?". I've always wondered why companies didn't do something like this, use fingerprints for verification. I'd imagine there's some good money selling that list/information to various intelligence companies/organizations and law enforcement at the least.


LagSlug t1_jdqaoif wrote

I don't know about the rest of the nation, but every kid in my elementary school was fingerprinted. We were told it was in case of abduction. Pretty sure it was just data harvesting.


Upper_Command1390 t1_jdqkadk wrote

Me too. Upstate NY?


aurora-_ t1_jdqnou9 wrote

Long Island, I remember this vividly but my parents do not recall at all. They say they would have stopped it, but I swear this happened lol


Upper_Command1390 t1_jdqo54h wrote

It happened. The police came to take our prints and they framed it as something that would help in case we were abducted. I was in the 4th grade and remember that it seemed fishy but I was too young to put my finger onto why. Good news is the cops in my po dunk town we’re probably too incompetent to keep any records of these prints.


LagSlug t1_jdqqw13 wrote

I don't think they were actually local police. Imagine the problem of domestic terrorism from a government standpoint. Not having a complete database of fingerprints is a gigantic hole in your security apparatus. And unlike most problems, this one has a practical solution.

With a government that lied about the extent to which it was surveilling every person in the USA, and a population that gleefully believed it, I think the chances are pretty slim these events didn't take place, and that we're collectively imagining it.


aurora-_ t1_jdtq6lb wrote

My parents are gaslighting me but my fucking aunt was there when they did it and she remembers it!

Jokes on you, Nassau County, you got my prints again when i was arrested

but that sounds like a beyond-snowden personal data issue? wtf?


aurora-_ t1_jdtqg2u wrote

Answered the OP but commenting to you directly as well:

My parents are gaslighting me but my fucking aunt was there when they did it and she remembers it!

Jokes on you, Nassau County, you got my prints again when i was arrested

but that sounds like a beyond-snowden personal data issue? wtf?


beef-o-lipso t1_jdqtlzt wrote

Fingerprinting children in schools is to help in identifying victims in the event of a shooting or other mishap, but that wouldn't have gone over well with parents.

Pro tip: when someone says "It's for the children" there's a deeper reason they aren't telling you.


aurora-_ t1_jdtqbea wrote

checking with my aunt, it was sold as “missing child” safety stuff, but still wild

(LI NY about 2005ish?)


HanaBothWays t1_jdqfky5 wrote

Oh I have heard of cops doing that stuff. I think a lot of adults would balk at it but it’s easy to get a kid to just go along with it.


SIGMA920 t1_jdsfs1b wrote

> I'd imagine many people won't think farther when companies say "It's for your security, don't you want to be like Tom Cruise buying your coffee?". I've always wondered why companies didn't do something like this, use fingerprints for verification.

Mate, I dislike having to deal with policies that I understand why they exist. Trying to sell less convenience for me as it being "cool" is just going to make me tell you to fuck off. I'm using a credit card, just run it through the POS and let me pay already.


schrodinger1887 t1_jdqdex2 wrote

Correct. For example, the nuclear facilities that I used to work at had palm scanning biometrics. We can all conclude why that is a good idea. Now for Panera bread...... they can just down right go fuck themselves. They are not getting my kitten print just to be released later on in a data breach.


AccidentallyTheCable t1_jdrve2k wrote

Now just wait until panera gets compromised and now a panera attacker can use your biometrics to get into the nuclear facility.

What could possibly go wrong?!!?


Boo_Guy t1_jdptmtm wrote

Sometime in 2025: Panera Bread reported a security breech today. Hackers made off with customer names, phone numbers, partial credit card numbers, and biometric data of approximately 2.5 million customers...


Well shit now I have to replace my hand prints. *gets out the angle grinder*


InitiativeDue2336 t1_jdqghd1 wrote

You mean free credit monitoring for a year and a 5$ class action settlement check is not enough for you?


Hashtagworried t1_jdtcqmr wrote

Everything is true minus the customers part. I find it hard to believe they have that many customers.


Boo_Guy t1_jdtiti0 wrote

A security expert estimated 7-30 million were hit by their last breech while the company said it was only 10k so I went with 2.5m. 🤷‍♂️


Climactic9 t1_jdu6bhd wrote

What can hackers do with the biometric data? Grow an identical hand in a lab? Apple has people’s fingerprints this isn’t any different.


K00CHNOZZLE t1_jdr0kv1 wrote

The biometrics data is all handled by Amazon One. Panera only stores social IDs.


crazypenz t1_jdrf5vr wrote

Ah yes. The super trustworthy company I feel better now. /S


K00CHNOZZLE t1_jdrio9i wrote

All I’m saying is a breach of Panera would not leak biometric data. This is just an integration into an existing platform.


InitiativeDue2336 t1_jdriv1b wrote

Until some joker forgets to harden a reporting server and ends up exposing all the data worldwide… hmmm where did I hear that last?


K00CHNOZZLE t1_jdrkvqv wrote

Well that would be Amazon’s problem then. All I’m arguing is that a breach of Panera would not leak biometric data. The AO device connects directly to Amazon, bypassing the POS altogether.

The only data that Panera gets from the device are loyalty events. CC payments using AO are handled through the Verifone like any other credit card.


InitiativeDue2336 t1_jdrlwdv wrote

The point people are arguing here is why does a sandwich vendor like Panera need biometrics in the business process at all. It’s just not a good use case.

It can be Panera or Amazon or some other third party contractor or data broker breach. What people are wondering is why would biometrics be used at all especially when there are no material consequences to these companies.


K00CHNOZZLE t1_jds1ojb wrote

That’s a completely different discussion. The comment I replied to implied Panera is storing biometric data. I know for a fact that is false.


DrQuantum t1_jdpqmlx wrote

It honestly astounds me how easily managers and ceo’s can fuck over their entire business in one easy move and they have no idea.

Frictionless? Do you think entering a phone number is this really hard arduous process compared to literally scanning my body parts?

Insane. Absolutely insane. If I was an engineer at Panera I would be packing my bags. No way this guy has the chops to keep such an expensive sandwich shop going in the coming economic trials.


Eliju t1_jdrdd0a wrote

Not even a phone number. You scan the little card on your keychain or phone. Just as fast as your hand. Fuck this.


SirensToGo t1_jdsj6sq wrote

if you pay using Apple Pay on your phone it literally sends it through at the same time. Screwing around with a palm reader is worse


keebsec t1_jdpq0ba wrote

Panera has already had at least one customer data breach. Fuck this shit


Torschlusspaniker t1_jdppbf8 wrote

Their prices were high before "inflation' now they are just insane.

They also recently removed all of the deals you can get in the app and replaced them with bullshit like $5 off $25 if you are in the sip club (price rocketed up on that too).

It used to be $1-2 off each weekend. They never have any coupons anymore.

Unsold bakery items used to go for $1 now they are only 50% off.


The Panera sub is full of brainwashed employees who justify these bullshit prices yet have not seen a meaningful pay raise. It is sticked at the top of the sub.

Their new subs are also god awful and are clearly a cost cutting measure.


fizzlefist t1_jdqij8e wrote

I haven’t gone to Panera much ever since they got rid of the black and blue salad almost a decade ago. It was too expensive then for what you get in terms of meals, I’m sure it’s even worse now.


mnemonicer22 t1_jdpuw6a wrote

Biometrics for convenience should be illegal.


rainsch15 t1_jdpxybv wrote

Wow I hope this doesn’t throw off the five people in their loyalty program


daaaaaaaaamndaniel t1_jdpv2qb wrote

It's one thing for me to touch your dirty keypad on the card reader, but I'm not palming my entire hand on a filthy reader for a sandwich right before I eat.


NeverrSummer t1_jdqz1fn wrote

Whole Foods already does this for the record. It's non-contact. You hover your hand over the scanner.

I think it's silly as well, but not for sanitary reasons. Those shouldn't be an issue.


Ok-Cut4890 t1_jdqa7uj wrote

What could possibly be the incentive for a business to upgrade to this over just using their already installed NFC readers? I can only imagine Amazon is paying them for gathering the data for them.


rabidbot t1_jdqfu24 wrote

We implemented these in a health care system so patients wouldn’t have to use SS numbers. It freaked people the fuck out, had to pull every one of them in six months


mnemonicer22 t1_jdpv1sz wrote

Fucking Amazon One. Panera won't own the data. Amazon will. I've looked at these contracts and talked to these asinine amoral lawyers pushing this tech.


SquizzOC t1_jdpxzro wrote

Oh good, get to give them my palm print in exchange for dirty bread and shitty soup. No thanks.


bobartig t1_jdr8f5n wrote

White Castle just got dinged for a multi-million dollar amount for their fingerprint scanning employee tracker tech that sent biometric data to a third party in Illinois. Currently, Illinois' BIPA is the strongest and most enforced biometric law on the books in the US, but a few other states have them winding through the legislature (there are a few other niche laws, like NY and I think NJ regulate facial recognition use by residential management/landlords).

Even the big players with access to sophisticated lawyers are messing this up, and the legal landscape is only becoming more perilous. In the era of "big data distrust", I don't see why Panera thinks this is the way to go over a token on an app, or something that goes into a digital wallet.


postart777 t1_jdsqr7t wrote

Panera will sell the data to the Mayo Clinic for studies on the poor health consequences of loyally eating Panera.


Meepsnort t1_jdpz2gl wrote

I might consider joining if they could ever fulfill more than 3/4 of a take out order.


InnieLicker t1_jdq6add wrote

As long as I can get my bagged soup in a half full bowl and small piece of baguette I’m good.


yankeedjw t1_jdqeirf wrote

Weren't McDonald's touch screens shown to be covered in germs, including fecal germs? So why would anyone want to press their entire hand onto something before eating?

And what's wrong with just scanning a barcode or entering a phone number like they do now?


Bruh_dawg t1_jdqhsld wrote

I am not giving Panera my fingerprints


Dejahthorisofmars t1_jdt2fx8 wrote

This is some Total Recall shit for a burnt panini with tomato’s when I clearly requested no tomatoes please.


jeffyoulose t1_jdpst2z wrote

The only thing I like is their tomato soup. Reminds me of an ex.


the908bus t1_jdpvto1 wrote

How does this stop HOWARD from getting free sandwiches?


ozzy_og_kush t1_jdq184p wrote

And they'll roll that back as fast as they can say "oh shit, our profit margin".


Cheapchard9 t1_jdq7tpe wrote

Sensing in Illinois this will be a big no. McDonalds just got class actioned recently for biometric reader consent issues in store use even when they had employees sign off on it.


Yuri_Ligotme t1_jdql7pk wrote

I use my iPhone to pay and that enters the loyalty program automatically. Can’t be more frictionless than that


concept_I t1_jdqvc38 wrote

Glad I hate their expensive prison food anyway.


Ehrre t1_jdr4uo7 wrote

How the fuck you going to keep that screen clean?

You gonna spritz it and wipe it down with the same nasty cloth all day? No ty


The-Brit t1_jdrbh3s wrote

During an average day, how many things do you touch that others have also touched? Door handles are the first to spring to mind.



69tank69 t1_jdrk6t4 wrote

This idea is stupid but most food service places use quaternary ammonium to sanitize surfaces so while the cloth might not look clean and it’s being reused the sanitizer is still doing it’s job to kill microbes


krum t1_jdrc8e6 wrote

Panera Bread can fuck right off. Their food is shit and this is a shit idea. Panera used to be good, but since they got bought out they've become a data harvesting company that uses "food" as bait.


icepick314 t1_jdrejw8 wrote

How is this gonna work for online and app order?


account22222221 t1_jdrk769 wrote


I mean I am not worried about someone hacking my Panera account and getting my free sandwich. I am worried about someone hacking my Panera account and getting my biometric data.

Hard refuse.


scarbnianlgc t1_jdrn42k wrote

Maybe they could not and maybe lower their prices so you don’t need to take a second mortgage out to eat there? $5 for a cup of soup or $8 for half of a sandwich is ridiculous.


downonthesecond t1_jdro6wg wrote

Never liked Panera, always seemed over-price. This won't help.


rayinreverse t1_jdrwm4u wrote

I’ve never even eaten at this place, but even if I did, they certainly wouldn’t get a copy of my palm.


PunkPen t1_jdsl73l wrote

Absolutely not.


QueenOfQuok t1_jdsu43g wrote

The last thing I want to sign up for is a goddamn customer loyalty program.


Myte342 t1_jdt2rq9 wrote

Oh good, just what we need after a pandemic... everyone and their mother pressing their dirty hands to the same machine that never gets cleaned.


SidewaysFancyPrance t1_jdttqsy wrote

I bet they're floating this to get people to stop complaining about having to install yet another app. The situation can always get worse...


JAYCEECAM t1_jdtuck4 wrote

If only everyone carried a device that can do the same and be interactive as well where Panera could also advertise and facilitate ordering food? That would be great. But I guess biometrics will have to do.


Climactic9 t1_jdu7hwc wrote

Why is everyone scared? What can hackers do with handprint info?


V45H t1_jdpyihx wrote

Howard will come for us all soon


LagSlug t1_jdqaj7f wrote

I never eat there because I feel like it's a ripoff, but this is an even better reason to not eat there.


iamgoldhands t1_jdq00zk wrote

Isn’t Panera owned by that family that ran slave labor camps for the Germans in WW2?