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iPeculiarly t1_jdv92qf wrote

I'm not sure your logic follows

If it was presented as "news" it would be more rigorous?

Explain fox news. It's literally presented as news.

Also, fyi you are the one that called it news, OP called it an article



ShenmeNamaeSollich t1_jdvm9qq wrote

Fox News lawyers literally claimed “no reasonable person” should take Tucker Carlson as news, and won their case because the judge agreed his reputation as a lying exaggerating shithead should be enough for people to realize he’s a lying shithead. But that judge clearly overestimated the intelligence of Fox News’ audience.

Also, apparently legal precedent now says as long as you’re such a huge bloviating piece of shit that everyone “reasonable” knows you as such, you can get away with lying on air to millions of people, so they’re not going to stop - they now have a clear incentive to be even worse and keep pushing boundaries that appeal to the dumbest & least reasonable people out there.