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green_at_green t1_jdw8mr2 wrote

It can’t access the internet, it is generating that summary from the url alone


dreamer_ t1_jdwayf8 wrote

Lol, it seems like it - this is a pretty bad summary of the article.


FreeProg t1_jdwwovx wrote

GPT-4 can access the internet via API calls.


stevenbrown375 t1_jdxs9pb wrote

Yes, but the ChatGPT service that they’re using hasn’t rolled out this capability yet, beyond plugin support for those who have made it through the alpha waitlist.


gurenkagurenda t1_jdxxw61 wrote

Not for most, if any users. There's a "plugins" model you can get to through a waitlist, but while there's apparently a first party web plugin being developed internally, it isn't publicly available. Everything you can actually get to is just specific APIs.