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okvrdz t1_jdw41aq wrote

I remember when best web practices were a thing. One of the sacred ones was to not use pop-ups. You could find them in tabloids and other low-level websites of the kind. Forward 15 years to today and now even the most prestigious websites do it. I’d say that’s a good example.


SpaceNerd422 t1_jdz8c4l wrote

Yyuuuppp. Came here to say this. I've been a web dev since before mobile responsive was a thing. I miss the "User comes first" outlook. Now, job applications scream for devs who understand good user experience. Then, when you start working on a project, there's some user experience concerns, but it all gets thrown out the window for the sake of ads, pop-ups, whatever. I've had so many heated discussions in meetings about the trashing of UX.