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kumarei t1_je9zhie wrote

Title and article are kinda word salad. Simple English summary:

Hackers convinced users to install copies of ChatGPT extensions that had been infected with malware. This article covers how the hackers promoted the extensions, the data that they stole, and where that data went to.


Living-blech t1_jeahoib wrote

To be fair, it did use the API for chatgpt, but that was a very small part of the extension. Really interesting to see how sophisticated these can be made so quickly.


kumarei t1_jeahum2 wrote

Oh, I somehow missed that part in the article. Thanks for pointing it out.

EDIT: Actually, just reread and I can't find that information in the page. Can you point it out to me, or is there another outside source for it?

EDIT 2: Found a source. Thanks for the info, I'll update my summary.


incred_ble t1_jeammy8 wrote

Those Facebook moms really be trusting everything these days 💀


lucimon97 t1_jeavhij wrote

Except those mainstream media outlets with their checks notes well researched journalism and cited sources


incred_ble t1_jeazfeq wrote

Yes, you are right, just decided to make a joke about Facebook moms.


GongTzu t1_jeaztiy wrote

Google has no shame in letting shit flow in their browser. Embarrassing


albanywairoa t1_jeaodg9 wrote

Lol why the hell is anybody still using FB an Twitter anyway?


demilitarizdsm t1_jedha9h wrote

You dont use chatGPT to fake out your family that you're still on facebook so they don't look for you on TikTok?