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Hrmbee t1_je1oopl wrote

>Over the next few months, the bakery-café chain will roll out scanners that can access customers' credit card and loyalty account using their palm. The biometric-gathering technology, developed by Amazon and called Amazon One, is already popular in airports, stadiums and Whole Foods Market grocery stores. Panera is expected to become the first national restaurant company to use it. > >... > >"In contrast with biometric systems like Apple's Face ID and Touch ID or Samsung Pass, which store biometric information on a user's device, Amazon One reportedly uploads biometric information to the cloud, raising unique security risks," the senators' letter to Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said.

When I first read the headline, I wondered what kind of technological capabilities a company like Panera might have. However, seeing that they're going to be using Amazon One things make a lot more sense.

For me, a server-based biometric system for retail purchases is pretty much a non-starter. I wonder how many other retailers will be signing on with this particular system, and what benefits a server-based system brings to them.