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NanditoPapa t1_je4n5f4 wrote

I think the idea is that it's more difficult to steal your palmprint than skim your CC.


thecreep t1_je7zgq7 wrote

It is is easier to steal a credit card for sure. However is the potential biometric security risk worth it? If a CC is stolen most places can cancel the card in minutes and even reverse any charges that may have been made. Digital wallets may also be more secure. This just feels like a "cool" convenience, and too many companies opt for these to entice customers while overlooking potential risks.


NanditoPapa t1_je808uc wrote

I'm personally not in favor of biometrics, but I live in a country where CC theft isn't a big issue (Japan). I'm not sure if living in the US with skimmers, pickpockets, and muggings would change the narrative around security. There's also a convenience angle. On a date you can't claim you forgot your wallet when the bill comes...

It comes down to "Do we trust companies?" The answer, uniformly, should be "No." and that's the end of it.


thecreep t1_je81cil wrote

I think that's the big thing for me. My distrust for companies, especially those operating here in the US, is high enough that I aim to give them as little extra data as possible. I've worked for too many companies and startups here to see that their handing of Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is quite often a joke.