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niobiumnnul t1_jd4qy68 wrote

> In her order, Corley asked gamers for additional evidence to support claims that the merger would potentially foreclose access to games, harm specific gaming industry markets, and perhaps most importantly, harm gamers like them. Her order is peppered with specific questions that gamers now have a chance to answer like, “Why would Microsoft make Call of Duty exclusive to its platforms thus resulting in fewer games sold?” and “What is it about the console market or PC games market and Microsoft’s position in those markets that makes it plausible there is a reasonable probability Microsoft would take such steps?”

She gave them what they need to provide to potentially move forward with it. Hopefully, they can provide what is needed.


enderandrew42 t1_jd4snwn wrote

Why would Microsoft buy a huge studio and then make those games exclusive to the platform?

Microsoft told the courts they wouldn't do that with Bethesda and lied.


GreenAdvance t1_jd4wj8w wrote

They didn't tell courts (or anyone) that they wouldn't make future Bethesda titles exclusive.


snoringpupper t1_jd50q2p wrote

Microsoft did tell the EU commission they had no incentive to make Zenimax games exclusive.

The EU did not make them "promise" or impose any kind of restrictions but it is indeed a thing Microsoft wrote in a document to them.


KhellianTrelnora t1_jd5osge wrote

And this is when the world realized that a clear motive is only needed for a murder.


GreenAdvance t1_jdacq9b wrote

"We won't do x" and "We don't have a profit motive for x" are not the same statements.

"We won't do x" is not something Microsoft wrote in a document to anyone. Their lawyers aren't that stupid.


WALKAW t1_jd9tr9n wrote

Not sure how so much stupidity got upvoted in this thread but im going to say astroturfing. Yes Microsoft did say they have no financial incentive to make Zenimax games exclusive and now are.


GreenAdvance t1_jd9vook wrote

It's almost like those are two separate statements and not what the OP said.

The article I link literally quotes Microsoft's statement you are referencing. I didn't say otherwise.


BeetleCosine t1_jd5qfrp wrote

Dude, you gotta get info from multiple sources. Don't be one of those people that the media makes hating the victims while cheering for the victimizer.


Youvebeeneloned t1_jd4rgfp wrote

Its going to be a no.

With lawsuits like this, even when the judges go out of their way to spell out what the plaintiffs needs to provide to find cause, its almost always proof there was no cause to begin with... or the cause is so obscure as to be open to interpretation.

The Judge is even pretty much hinting this, by saying why would they make x games exclusives, when it results in even less profit for them, not more... provide examples of this being the case.

NOW the argument could be made look at Halo, but even there it was exclusive to a MUCH smaller segment of gaming (Apple Mac) and Microsoft buying Bungie resulted in them getting a MUCH larger market at the cost of that smaller one.


imsorryisuck t1_jd57lrc wrote

well they'd drive consoles attractiveness down, waiting for people getting a pc and buying their games there. it's a elaborated effort to make pcs a monopoly in gaming world