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limitless__ t1_jcb1grp wrote

For real. This guy is probably a huge office fan and is pulling a Dwight but it flew 10,000 feet over everyone's heads. Unfortunately quoting Mussolini, even as a joke, isn't a good look in Italy.


Crimbobimbobippitybo t1_jcb2r1t wrote

Give it a few years under Meloni and that might change. 😔


gozba t1_jcbeplm wrote

She openly admired the times when the white Italian Trump was leading their country


Adorable-Slip2260 t1_jcb6qen wrote

He was appointed by the fascist PM who idolizes Mussolini. This isn’t a Dwight reference.


[deleted] t1_jcdfqso wrote

Huh? They literally vote in politicians who openly admire Mussolini, including relatives of…Mussolini. Italians in general are extremely right wing. Try finding an Italian Australian who doesn’t vote LNP, even the working class Italians vote conservative


Pleasant_Skill2956 t1_jcf1trt wrote

Australian Italians are Australians. If Italians are so far right how do you explain that this is the first far right PM since WW2 and he won with 8 million votes out of 60?


deaddonkey t1_jcf3je9 wrote

This is Italy, not Colorado, the context is a bit different.