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colonel_beeeees t1_jcben02 wrote


ShakaWTWF t1_jcbgcuf wrote

It’s nice when you have a good Union. I’ve worked places with shitty Unions too, which was almost as bad as not having one.

That said, working for a good company helps too.


Toxicz t1_jccvidv wrote

Insane to imagien that you need a Union to have a healthy work environment (as a European).


engineeringstoned t1_jceeow1 wrote

You might want to look at the difference unions made - and continue to make - in Europe.

The 5 day work week did not happen by accident.


FirmEstablishment941 t1_jccwdw3 wrote

It’s not essential… some times the proximity of one is enough… unfortunately Canada is following USAs lead on that front in many ways… at least we’re more closely aligned to the eu with respect to parental leave.


ddraeg t1_jcfntdt wrote

How do you imagine your work environemnt turned out that way?