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select_L0L t1_jcc005s wrote

I think you missed the part in the comment I responded to where the person claimed the US wasn’t a democracy because we don’t have democratic control over our workplace. You quite literally missed the whole point they were making, and yet you still defended it


cheese131999 t1_jcc1mpu wrote

I mean, you said democratic control over the workplace is the dumbest thing you’ve heard in a while, which I think is the dumbest thing that IVE heard in a while. Unions are democratic control over a workplace. If you really meant that calling the US an undemocratic nation by virtue of all of us not all being in unions or co-ops is stupid, you have an actual point there. I still disagree with it, as an American, but at least it’s not extolling your ignorance as a virtue.


select_L0L t1_jccg47g wrote

Unions are most definitely not a democratic control over the workplace. Hell, one of the biggest battles for unions is getting the company to listen to them

But yeah, my point was about the US not being a democracy because of that. At least we can agree on that, which was what the original comment was trying to say


cheese131999 t1_jcchxq2 wrote

Ill freely admit I straight up didn't see your second half of the comment, to the point where I thought you edited it until I saw that wasn't the case. My bad, does no one any good to argue against a strawman.

In any case, our unions aren't near as good or as effective as the unions in Europe, and the difficulty they have in trying to get companies to listen to them is indicative of the problems we have. Our democracy is subverted by the cold truth that companies buy out our politicians, which means that unions are disempowered by both federal and state lawmakers.

Our government works to ensure that the work place can only function as a dictatorship, and they push the narrative that unions are weak and ineffectual and just take your money through dues. The government made things this way.

I mean for Christ's sake, Biden busted the most important strike in this country in probably the last three decades, and we're already seeing the horrific consequences.

This country is democratic, more so than a lot of places, but it is wildly less democratic in our day to day lives than a lot of our allies in Europe. It's not hard to see why they think we live in an authoritarian hellhole, because by comparison to what they've got, we freaking do.