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E_Snap t1_jcckyyi wrote

It is about personal failings of the population though. If we were able to stop rabidly chasing our own goals at the expense of everyone else, the political elite couldn’t divide and conquer us. Here’s a video explaining how this happens. By manipulating the order in which policies are voted on and always making sure that each successive policy alienates a different out group, politicians play our selfish interests against each other to get us to vote our way out of a stable compromise and into a legal policy that no demographic wants.

This is to say: when politicians start pandering to a rotating cast of a slight majority of the population and telling each group left that they already had their turn and to wait, that’s tantamount to gerrymandering. “Progressive” politics (in name only, obviously) repeatedly fall prey to this. They’ll strategically let each demographic successively drag the window of what is appropriate far into their own court. This wild back-and-forth-and-to-the-side swinging eventually walks the window into a portion of “legal policy space” where the obvious and easily passable compromise between all demographics is something that would be considered shocking and outlandish to most of the general population.


arbutus1440 t1_jccwhkx wrote

I really don't get why people keep framing it this way. Scientifically, and from an evolutionary perspective, it's utter nonsense.

>chasing our own goals at the expense of everyone else what our species has done throughout its entire existence.

>politicians play our selfish interests against each other they always have, throughout our entire history.

People keep talking about these things as if somehow people could ever do anything different. They can't.

"Human nature" is a phantom opponent. We are who we are. We're not evolved to do things like separate truth from fiction when the truth threatens our well-being. It's just evolutionary fact. People do what they're wired to do, and expecting people to all behave like model citizens when that's literally never happened in the history of our species is just a recipe for frustration and futility.

Focus your ire on the systems. The hippies were right, and they've always been right: It's capitalism. It's the plutocracy. It's the corruption. All of these are reversible—human nature isn't. Stop getting mad at people and start getting mad at systems. It's not emotionally satisfying but it's what's gotta happen if we're gonna survive.


E_Snap t1_jccz4ul wrote

Lol no, it’s democracy that’s the problem. Corruption, plutocracy, tribalism, and capitalistic tendencies arise out of even small differences between demographics when they are given the “right” to vote based upon their prejudices, and you’ve already decided that we can’t expect voters to make informed decisions.

People like to slant-quote Churchill and say “Yeah whatever, democracy sucks but it sucks least out of everything we’ve tried,” as if we did a 100% no-reload completion of the game of History and we don’t need to try new things anymore (or give old underutilized ideas another shot). I’m here to say fuck that— we are still evolving our society. Anyone who says that the current status quo is the best we can do is trying to sell you a bridge. All democracy does is placate the masses for trying when the politicians inevitably choose to go their own way anyway.