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jeffinRTP t1_jb3v1eo wrote

I'm just wondering what would happen if other countries started Banning us companies over data collection concerns.


PerfectPercentage69 t1_jb486nm wrote

China already bans all foreign apps and websites, even without a specific concern.


nicuramar t1_jb56ugd wrote

But they are also pretty much an autocracy.


VoidAndOcean t1_jb7r93k wrote

It doesn't really matter. At that point it becomes about trade: you ban our products so we can't make money in your country so we ban yours.

Can't have a one-sided trade barrier. its bullshit.


cookingboy t1_jb5srm4 wrote

That is misinformation.

Just out of the big companies, I can think of Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Skype operate in China.

> even without a specific concern.

They do have specific concerns, a big one is their lack of ability to enact censorship on foreign platforms.

And of course, PRISM has shown that NSA has infiltrated all the major American tech companies.


SomethingMatter t1_jb6kzxm wrote

People inside China don't access the Microsoft servers in the west. They access servers hosted and operated by a different company in China. Try and use yahoo search inside of China. Stop pretending that information and services aren't tightly controlled by the CCP in China. They are.

Go on, insult Xi and see how far you get. Go and protest in the streets and see what happens to you.


Smith6612 t1_jb6uns3 wrote

I believe Yahoo pulled out of China a few years ago. Some things like Yahoo Mail can still be accessed, but everything else just shows a message from Yahoo saying they've discontinued their services in the country.


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PerfectPercentage69 t1_jb5k4km wrote

Yeah. That doesn't mean they can't do it. All it means is that the due democratic process is followed in order to ban apps. And there are checks and balances in place to help prevent any one party from abusing it.


Finishes_like_bevan t1_jb45wr1 wrote

GDPR in Europe is already in place. More countries will follow that model first


irn t1_jb4augc wrote

GDPR is taught in every American country doing overseas business as part of their data protection knowledge even though the US doesn’t have the same standard. If someone could differentiate the difference in TikTok feed algorithm between every country beside China you would see a difference on what gets shown. It’s weird we even have TikTok in the US.


nicuramar t1_jb56qwf wrote

> If someone could differentiate the difference in TikTok feed algorithm between every country beside China you would see a difference on what gets shown.

I think it's much more sensitive to what you seem to consume, no?


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whyreadthis2035 t1_jb4p6fb wrote

Live in your world. The ability to target ads and curate content is simply a part of social media. TV and radio dream of this possibility.


Capt_morgan72 t1_jb5203x wrote

Oh… China already bans most major western social media and technology.

Good luck getting on Facebook or google orTwitter or youtube from China.


karmagettie t1_jb53gvl wrote

They don't data collect data points in Europe like they do in the United States. US laws allow it.


clisto3 t1_jb6wri6 wrote

Well.. this is basically a spat between China and the US, in which case China bans virtually all US tech companies. Facebook, Twitter, and others are all banned.


monchota t1_jb4ued4 wrote

They already do, like China. Also most other countries just buy that data from them.