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MrMarklar t1_jdih37r wrote

What good can come of this acquisition for us consumers?

All acti games could be on GP even now, that doesn't require a full merger.


ALzZER t1_jdlj7xo wrote

>What good can come of this acquisition for us consumers?

IN THEORY: closer competition that drives better services & products for consumers.

In practice: we'll see.


Parson1616 t1_jdijlir wrote

Well it didn’t happen so …


MrMarklar t1_jdikqab wrote

What didn't happen? GP?

Microsoft could offer a deal to put those games on GP without buying out the whole company, I don't get your point.

I'm also not defending Sony, any sort of exclusivity fucks us over for no reason (other than their profits), but the answer to that is not "let Microsoft do it too, that'll show them".


REPOST_STRANGLER_V2 t1_jdlektt wrote

Sony are the worst alongside Nintendo so I'm all for it, Microsoft has allowed many of their games onto PC over the years whereas Sony have tried to stop crossplay wherever possible, we still don't have Ghost of Tsushima or the original Uncharted games on PC, it took them 10 years to bring The Last of Us to PC.

If you want to play PS1/2/3 games you've got to use emulators as it's the only way unless you want to buy the original consoles/games, if Sony cared they could release emulators for PC and let us buy the games, instead we have to pirate.

I'm not a complete Microsoft fan boy but they have always been pretty good with bringing emulation to their newer consoles, if you've got a copy of RDR you can play it on the Xbox Series X no problem.


Parson1616 t1_jdi1701 wrote

Good , Fuck Sony. Looking forward to all ACTi-Bliz games on GP.