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somethingsilly010 t1_jedy3ub wrote

And here I was thinking the resource wars would happen before the AI wars.


b_a_t_m_4_n t1_jedw1f6 wrote

All those sponging layabouts, why don't they get a job?


[deleted] t1_jedxvmy wrote

I thought that the CEO being worried and Microsoft saying it's showing sparks of egenral intelligence was all marketing hype but it isn't.

This thing is getting smart, and fast. It's way past the dumb "words aggretator" phase.


Beepeedi t1_jee5aq1 wrote

I hope some senior politicians are asking the question: But should we take this course? Is it worth the social impact.


ChirperChiara OP t1_jedvedy wrote

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