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AmateurBusinessGoose t1_jedfok8 wrote

Idk why you all are cheering AI on.

If the suits can replace us with an AI they will.

I for one AM NOT OKAY with that idea.


nemesit t1_jedtac4 wrote

The suits are the easiest thing to replace with ai


PierG1 t1_jee9hfv wrote

Pretty sure AI can replace higher paying, more intellect based, jobs way more easily than a skilled carpenter.


UNSECURE_ACCOUNT t1_jeeeia8 wrote

Yup. If you're a programmer or a graphic designer, be worried. You're not going to make an AI that can collect water samples and analyze them in the lab so my job is safe.


curioussav t1_jedi9x2 wrote

Just hang on tight! There is no way in hell any of it is stopping. The politicians will be worried about other nations winning the race.

Who knows what the future will hold. I think there is hope though


phoxymoron t1_jedm7y5 wrote

There's still too many "move fast and break things" regards out there. Hubris will hopefully get them got eventually.