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OutlandishnessOk2452 OP t1_jcz81bh wrote

This is the exact title so it should stay up 🙂

This is a very major event, people don’t réalisé the amount of data and history that is on Internet Archive


SomethingMatter t1_jcz9zw4 wrote

I agree. This is huge. The Internet Archive have a large number of donated books that they scan and make available. Some of these are no longer published or available for purchase. It's an amazing resource and would be a huge loss to everyone if we lost it.


Torifyme12 t1_jd1yv3r wrote

Some of these things are just fucking not found anywhere else, there's random shit that will be forever *lost* to time for the sake of some publisher's greed.

Fuck them. the IA is the purest form of the "Old Internet" left online these days.