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fuck_your_diploma t1_jczkjh9 wrote

I frankly despise all authors daring to go ahead with this thing, as I fail to see this whole endeavor as anything but a money/15 min fame grab, since IA is only living to its name, for the sake of culture.

It just feels like good vs evil at this point.


cyrusm t1_jd0nh17 wrote

Well, if there's one thing I've learned, when it comes to a battle between good and evil, the winner is the one who had more money at the start usually.


w_cruice t1_jd0z4oo wrote

That would be evil. It takes the shortcuts, and sacrifices people when they're no longer useful, or become a liability. So, lots of short term gains, coupled with limited losses.


f-ingsteveglansberg t1_jd1ub56 wrote

Just so you know, IA had incoming revenue of 36 million in 2019. I doubt many authors come close to that.


Sarai_Seneschal t1_jd3vdpk wrote

I doubt any authors have websites the size of IA


f-ingsteveglansberg t1_jd3ws0g wrote

Well if they are positioning this as a fight between authors and IA, IA is the giant and individual authors are David.