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marketrent OP t1_jcjqpwv wrote

From the linked^1 content:

>The FTC is “seeking information on how these companies scrutinize and restrict paid commercial advertising that is deceptive or exposes consumers to fraudulent health-care products, financial scams, counterfeit and fake goods, or other fraud.”

Further reading:^2

>The amount of money consumers have reported losing to fraud that originated on social media platforms has skyrocketed since 2017. In 2022 alone, consumers reported losing more than $1.2 billion to fraud that started on social media, more than any other contact method, according to FTC data.

>The Commission also is seeking information about how the social media and video streaming companies ensure that consumers are able to identify commercial advertising on their platforms as advertising.

>The orders, which the companies are required to comply with by law, were sent to: Meta Platforms, Inc.; Instagram, LLC; YouTube, LLC; TikTok, Inc.; Snap, Inc.; Twitter, Inc.; Pinterest, Inc.; and Twitch Interactive, Inc.

^1 Jay Peters for The Verge/Vox Media, 17 Mar. 2023,

^2 FTC issues orders to social media and video streaming platforms regarding efforts to address surge in advertising for fraudulent products and scams, 16 Mar. 2023,