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DAN991199 t1_jb6s6pe wrote

Wonder which politician's portfolio just went up


YardFudge t1_jb7tcbx wrote

Actually, the ones in the pocket of big defense contractor that might have a number in its name are the ones super pissed… as they would have charged 10-20x that amount for a worse system


RevolutionaryFox9613 t1_jb869aw wrote

Lol I’m sorry, whose money? Oh right, our money 💰


EFTucker t1_jb8r05j wrote

Democratic Republic

You paid the taxes so it’s no longer yours. It’s the republic’s


anti-torque t1_jb6v9w0 wrote

That headline... I'm pretty sure they think it's necessary, if they're going to pay $75m on it.

But why is the necessity wireless, instead of the network?


YardFudge t1_jb7t4em wrote

Popular Mechanics also put out article last week


jazir5 t1_jb977yy wrote

Isn't this a really, really, really bad idea? One centralized network connected to every military base in the country? Won't it just be hacked instantly?