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ChibiSailorMercury t1_jec5wux wrote

I was hired for a new job during the pandemic. All the training was done from home. I had an appointed mentor who showed me the ropes and then to whom I could ask questions.

It seriously wasn't that bad.

(My point being there are even some jobs where going to the office is not needed to learn how to complete your tasks and so on)


HanaBothWays t1_jec7g7g wrote

It does take some effort but you can develop new hire onboarding, training, and mentorship programs that work in a remote setting and/or where everyone isn’t co-located. You have to have a checklist with timelines and specific things to fill out. My company did it.


despitegirls t1_jecd4lw wrote

I've been working with HR to do the same over the past eight months. The companies that went through the trouble to figure out remote onboarding, work, and offboarding will be better off than those that didn't. Even if we don't get another pandemic, it provides them more options in hiring.


Jorycle t1_jed9gm9 wrote

Yeah, it's 100% dependent on the company. Some are great at it, others suck. The only real difference is that it is a lot easier for a company to suck at it in remote work, because you're sort of on an island and need people to opt-in to helping you out. In an office, you can go pound on someone's door if it really comes down to it. Seems like it's easier and makes everyone happier if a company just tries to not suck at it.