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madrodgerflynn t1_jecbbtm wrote

How about they start paying for our commutes. Not only is it dangerous to drive in general, but why should I have to drive 30 mins to the office when I could be doing my job from home? Why do they need us in the office so bad? Use the buildings for something else and charge rent if they are so concerned with their real estate.


D_Doggo t1_jegvrui wrote

In the Netherlands you get 0.21 euro per km travelled to work.


Jorycle t1_jeda7z9 wrote

Oh man, 30 minutes would be nice. I don't think a 30 minute commute exists in Atlanta, especially if you're actually going into Atlanta. Remote work actually made Atlanta-based tech companies 1000% more accessible for employees because fuck spending 3 hours a day driving in and out of work.

Side note, I immediately think poorly of any tech company that chooses to put their office IN Atlanta instead of the outer metro. Most tech workers are in the suburbs and the drive. fucking. sucks. My rage is boiling just thinking about these fucksticks trying to drive people back into the office BUT PUTTING THEIR OFFICE IN FUCKING ATLANTA.