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danasf t1_jcmctub wrote

Some of them are built on literal toxic sites, in particular, the Apple campus is. There are ongoing lawsuits about this, but I don't think it's widely covered


happyscrappy t1_jcmyfbc wrote

They were cleaned up. Before the new buildings were built.

You're thinking of Ashley Govik's suits. She's not getting any traction and it's unclear she will.

For lawsuits of the sort of "I don't like my workplace conditions" her lawsuits are incredibly widely covered.

I think she has lawsuits against an apartment complex she lived in too.


anonymous_lighting t1_jcn7gyq wrote

a lot of formerly toxic sites are built different. instead of developer building and selling or leasing 5-10 years, they build and lease for long term 25+ years so any issues with the toxicity are pre negotiated with the developer, builder, tenant. and everyone is covered financially so if actually toxic in year 26, developer can walk away risk free

edit: this is going on in philly right now with hillco developers on former gas facility that closed after explosions


Fotofinnish t1_jcmj7o0 wrote

Toxic sites? So definitely turned into affordable housing?


satoshisfeverdream t1_jcn62sn wrote

Nobody is gonna pay for unaffordable housing on a toxic site.


aquarain t1_jcnppae wrote

The site of the Ebola Reston outbreak in Virginia became a daycare.


TheCoStudent t1_jcmw9ez wrote

Source for that? The land used to be controlled by HP before.


zeromeasure t1_jcnesyf wrote

No, HP. My first job out of college was at that site. It was mostly just offices, but they had an IC fab there in the 80s, and apparently there was some soil contamination. There’s probably many similar situations throughout the South Bay. It’s not like it was a nuclear waste dump or something.


werstummer t1_jcn1bac wrote

that even makes bigger the probability to make you toxic avenger +1


FrostySong6382 t1_jcntegb wrote

That’s the whole peninsula. No one talks about how Lockheed poisoned the earth here.

Doesn’t matter. We throw the first in continents and we seal the “plume” while working.