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monchota t1_jcnofzu wrote

WFH is the future for most tech employees , they are also moving to areas without absurd cost of living and lots od problems.


kamil234 t1_jcnucl4 wrote

Most tech companies want to return to office cause they sign 10+ year leases and want asses in those seats. Also pretty sure alot of big companies get tax breaks for having offices in certain cities which they don’t want to lose, but it makes no sense to pay rent on empty buildings.

The company i work for was one of the first to jump on the “work from anywhere” wagon. Now they want everyone on go back to the office 4 times per week. Unless you were already remote in the first place


TreeBeard2024 t1_jcny2hu wrote

I wonder if annual tax breaks are bigger than annual rent costs for the offices?


albertscoot t1_jcnzyxy wrote

Another reason is because someone up top will own the property outright and then lease it to the company.


MochiMochiMochi t1_jco6bfp wrote

But these same companies often have development offices in India; they are on daily meetings with people they'll never see in person.

As US layoffs continue they've replaced some roles with contractors from Brazil, Argentina, Poland, etc at 1/3 the price of US staff.

With all these 'remote' teammates there's no logical reason the remaining US-based staff have to be in the office either. This has all happened at my 5,000 person company and they have shuttered 70% of their US office space and now use the remaining offices for monthly events and hot desking.

There's no going back.


Tigris_Morte t1_jcouvgz wrote

>sign 10+ year leases^(*)

^(*)Which are owned by shell companies controlled by members of the Board.