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whatweshouldcallyou t1_jb9zyjf wrote

So how about MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC etc.?


dungone t1_jba0cic wrote

So how about them? They are all right wing outlets owned by conservative billionaires. But they are not as bad as Fox News and Facebook in spreading Chinese and Russian propaganda, instigating violent insurrections, and filling impressionable redneck minds with nonsense.


whatweshouldcallyou t1_jba11wx wrote

No, they are not owned by conservative billionaires. They're owned by large corporations who have been coopted by the woke left. And they are spreading massive amounts of lies.


dungone t1_jba2hp5 wrote

Yes, we already know the nonsense that Tucker, Hanity, and Russian intelligence services told you to think.

You’re probably going to need therapy once you realize that Fox News is getting it’s ass handed to you in court for lying to people such as yourself. If you are so smart that you think you can find proof of Jewish Space Lasers programming the minds of the “left wing” billionaire corporate owners, I suggest you sue CNN, ABC, NBC, etc., yourself. Will love to see your proof, will be very entertaining. Until then, actual provable disinformation and anti-American incitement is being spread by Fox News and Facebook.


whatweshouldcallyou t1_jba2v4h wrote

Lol. Someone is a fan of dumb assumptions. The number of hours of cable news television that I have watched in the last year can be counted on one hand, without the need for any fingers.

But keep assuming.


dungone t1_jba5921 wrote

Yep, I know. Brother, you don't have to convince me twice that you've cut out the middle man and gone straight for the fully concentrated good stuff. You're hooked up to the online feeds straight from Russia and China.


whatweshouldcallyou t1_jba5ef7 wrote

I don't think that logical reasoning is your friend.


dungone t1_jba69i1 wrote

We all know that without Fox News and Facebook, you would not have any friends. Your world would only be filled by people like me, telling you the truth, telling you that you're nuts. That's why it's so important to you to defend Fox News and Facebook. Literally like an addict when their family tries to throw away their stash. What would you do without all the right wing lies that you've built your entire world around?