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Adrian_Alucard t1_jeb53xl wrote

That's illegal. You cannot opt-out your rights


BernieEcclestoned t1_jebl1aw wrote

They're opting out of FB collecting data, not opting in. This is the first time you can do it on FB in the EU.

The problem is you do it with one click with Apple or Google but FB will review each opt out form individually which is nonsense, FB has no option but to allow you to opt out so there's no point them reviewing it other than to make it enough of a hassle for people not to bother.


Sekhen t1_jebb8cf wrote



That's not how this works. Ever heard of a thing called GDPR? There's no asking permission, bitches.


Bierbart12 t1_jeb6b4b wrote

Last time I heard of them, Meta was in financial trouble due to Zucc being obsessed with his crappy VRChat knockoff project. What happened that they believe they can make demands again?


acmethunder t1_jeb7tiw wrote

“Financial trouble.” Meta made $23 billion in profit. It’s more about the share price not being near $400 anymore.


Bierbart12 t1_jeb8b84 wrote

Oh, so I suppose the whole uproar just came from nagging shareholders


Lance-Harper t1_jebaitd wrote

No, from crappy journalism making everything sensational.

Also, shareholders welcome recent Zuck’s focus on AI, ditching VR


MammothJust4541 t1_jec7eox wrote

Data collection should be an opt in option instead of an opt out option.