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nullrecord t1_jdvqbqt wrote

I feel sorry for the people whose managers will understand this that their teams are now going to be twice as efficient in their work.


teleheaddawgfan t1_jdwj0ed wrote

And will always want to update right as your meeting is starting.


Anon_92321 t1_jdz4f4d wrote

or just randomly not be able to connect you for no apparent reason


maqbeq t1_jdxcdgr wrote

Man I hate Teams big time.
Was forced down our throats coming from Slack and it's like night and day


Daddy_Ewok t1_jdxttc0 wrote

We use WebEx. I would gladly take Teams.


SliceNSpice69 t1_jdy0dqh wrote

I went from WebEx to Teams. Can confirm web ex fucking sucks and Teams was a huge upgrade. I have very few problems with Teams tbh. Sometimes calls will only ring on a subset of all my devices, but that’s the only bug that bothers me semi-regularly.


lkn240 t1_jdyjzzy wrote

Webex is better for web meetings - Teams is absolutely trash level for that.


TheAndorianWay t1_je24frn wrote

I feel just the opposite. Hated Slack, love Teams. The biggest problems I've had with Teams tend to be user inflicted, particularly on the file side of things and permissions management.


HopelessBearsFan t1_jdxr0tj wrote

Sick, now Teams can use all 8GB of my work computer’s RAM instead of just the 4GB.


Few-Lemon8186 t1_jdvspnl wrote

Are they actually writing a native application? Or still using a shitty electron app.


KazakiLion t1_jdvwucy wrote

They moved from Electron to Microsoft’s Edge WebView2 technology. The big performance gains came from finishing their migration from Angular to React (only needing to load / manage one primary framework), and refactoring that old code with an eye towards performance as they went. Still not native unfortunately.


frakkintoaster t1_jdvvkc1 wrote

Yeah, they're rewriting the front-end in MFC, it's going to look so good


RedditBlows5876 t1_jdyi693 wrote

VSCode uses electron. Nothing wrong with it if you actually know what you're doing.


icarealot420 t1_jdw2bk6 wrote

now i can ignore Teams twice as fast.


MaximumNecessary t1_jdxfatr wrote

Still bloated and slow as heck. Twice as fast as an eternity to start up is still an eternity.


Hiranonymous t1_jdxn8jj wrote

Great, now its inscrutable interface can confuse me twice as fast.

How anyone decided to call that thing Teams without defining ‘team’ anywhere is beyond me, and don’t get me started on trying to figure out who is on what team.


AireXpert t1_jdxpjzd wrote

There’s simply nothing redeeming about any aspect of Teams. It’s hard to fuck something up so badly….


Tall_Artist_8905 t1_jdvpd02 wrote

Looks like they asked GPT to optimize the code .


DrabDonut t1_jdw71ht wrote

In my experience, that would have the opposite effect. It’s trained on all code in its corpus, meaning it’s more than likely going to spit out something no better than the average developer.


allegate t1_jdvs962 wrote

Every time they update teams at work it seems like it is losing features. Used to be you could have two windows open so you could chat on screen one while screen two was the meeting but now it's all in the same window.

I've gone through the settings and can't find anything related to that. But, also, we're on a weird contact for the software so maybe that's the culprit.


TheDryMoistTowelett t1_jdvx0ha wrote

I do it all the time. I don’t think it’s a setting, for me the meeting is its own window. You may just have to try to open teams while you are in a meeting?


basshead17 t1_jdvy19x wrote

Just don't pay attention to how much memory it consumes


TheJadedSF t1_jdxe3or wrote

Teams was frankensteined to become something it wasn't originally intended for - it wasn't meant to be a competitor to Slack, or Zoom, or the new Skype for Business. So I take it that they're finally getting around to re-writing some of the fundamental structure to support what it has become. One can hope, anyway.


carlinhush t1_jdvsnmg wrote

This means meetings will be over in half the time?


brianfree123 t1_jdw2cth wrote

Teams sucks. Skype worked better.


chucklingmoose t1_jdwv2n5 wrote

exactly. x86 GDI interfaces as like Skype 2016 are just more responsive imho, don't care what any web framework says.


XalAtoh t1_jdxh0io wrote

"Modern" Skype is also Electron/web crap.


YimmyGhey t1_je9pltj wrote

I didn't hate Skype either. And I swear to God, fockin' AOL Instant Messenger and a conference call-in/old school partyline would work just fine for a majority of necessary collaboration at my job.


3vi1 t1_jdxg87x wrote

Meanwhile they've "updated" the Linux users from a working electron app to a PWA that doesn't even do notifications. Completely unacceptable for production use.


xjuslipjaditbshr t1_jdwi5hi wrote

Will the battery in my Mac M1 Pro will last longer than 3 hours running Teams meetings now? Teams has been an absolute disaster of an application when it comes to performance.


nerdyitguy t1_jdya7to wrote

I wonder if they fixed any real issues, like actual full screen video conferencing.


ItsGorgeousGeorge t1_jdyn0ky wrote

God I hate Teams. Faster performance is a good step but it’s still so much worse than slack.


Sweet-Sale-7303 t1_jdvss7p wrote

Another article states they switched from electron to webview.


justnews_app t1_jdw02mp wrote

Yeah! Shorter meetings!

Or not fast in that way?


Arawn-Annwn t1_jdwqobn wrote

So its only a partial eternity to use that steaming pile of crap now? I hadn’t noticed with all the random reloading it forces on me at work.


TbonerT t1_jdwtfeb wrote

Will it remember my settings for more than a couple of weeks?


digitaltransmutation t1_jdx191p wrote

I feel like I have been seeing "later this year" for Faster Teams for the past two years.


just_nobodys_opinion t1_jdx5d2d wrote

Still not as fast as it should be running to be anything near useful


au97stin t1_jdxm730 wrote

Yeah well twice zero is still zero. I like it better than Zoom but if it were up to me my workplace would all be using Discord lol


leo_qian t1_jdya8o8 wrote

I prefer Zoom, but there is no AI feature


Nayier t1_jdyna1z wrote

Will it still make Mac Laptops sound like they are a high powered drone?


Culverin t1_jdz3ai9 wrote

Can I copy and paste images yet?

I've been able to do that with Trello for YEARS.

Without this feature, makes taking screenshot notes and troubleshooting on projects simply unusable.


Chooxomb00 t1_jdz4gy4 wrote

But is it still going to lag when you share your screen to your coworkers?


MirkWTC t1_jdzurrs wrote

Teams was hell at first, but now it seems good and stable, with some random bugs. I hope they will works more on bugs and performance and less on it's graphics.


gjr23 t1_je0xeea wrote

Great because it’s gotten half as fast lately so we will be back to where we started.


RobBobPC t1_jdxro0t wrote

Simply the worst video conference app ever made. Now twice as bad?


cottesloe t1_jdw19lt wrote

This seems does not seem press release worthy. While valuable, I am not sure 99.9% of Teams users give a damn.