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GalvestonDreaming t1_jdaacq3 wrote

I guess Indeed will have 2,200 new job seekers on their website.


MakingItElsewhere t1_jdam65c wrote

"Hey Bob, how do we generate more ad revenue from our site?"

"We could lay off a bunch of our employees!"



OHMG69420 t1_jdavmlu wrote

Da fuck do they need so many people for?!!


hawkeye224 t1_jdcasky wrote

It's the same for almost every company. In the 00's you could have 5 people supporting a similar working product, now you have to have 5000 for the same.


-_-_-__-_-_-__-_- t1_jdg24f4 wrote

It’s crazy. Especially this site, it’s a simple database of job postings. There are definitely people there who don’t do anything all day


fortisvita t1_jdb5lgh wrote

I think they will opt for LinkedIn.


ValuableYesterday466 t1_jddxqs0 wrote

LinkedIn has been where I've gotten my last 4, maybe 5, jobs. All the recruiters are on there. Since it's patterned after a social media site it's a good communication channel for initial contact, and they can get a good overview of my skill set and location and job wants by checking out my profile.


WhatTheZuck420 t1_jdcfxjs wrote

their termination emails read: 'Congratulations on being promoted to customer!"


closeafter t1_jdc9poj wrote

I hope not, Indeed is garbage. Every day I get their email with job listings, and absolutely none of the jobs there is remotely related to my experience, area, industry, geographic location or interests I set on my profile.

A random "who's hiring" google search is far more accurate. I'm stunned to learn they have more than 2000 employees


Exotic_Treacle7438 t1_jdcex1h wrote

Hopefully after working there, they’re smart enough not to use the platform that’s filled with trash listings to exploit the vulnerable