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JoieDe_Vivre_ t1_jdb9edj wrote

Indeed as dogshit 3 years ago when I graduated and tried to get a job. Like just barely worse than LinkedIn’s job apply feature.

These sites are true garbage.


ChappedPappy t1_jdbapmu wrote

Curious why LinkedIn is even on the same plane as Indeed here. I’ve found all of my jobs, albeit in the Tech industry, on LinkedIn. I hate the social media posting aspect of it but love it for finding work.


JoieDe_Vivre_ t1_jdbb6h5 wrote

There’s a lot of issues. My favorite one to talk about is jobs listed as “Entry Level” per their literal search feature, then when you check the job description it requires 3+ YOE.

Please please please do not say “yeah but they mean entry level to that company” because it’s a really bad argument and purposely deceptive.


cuewithoutyou t1_jdbdgxb wrote

It’s been my experience that “entry level” actually means “be experienced, but expect shit pay.”


poopoomergency4 t1_jdbrjrp wrote

any site that relies on the honesty of hr/recruiting types is doomed to have its posting quality reduced to this point


ChappedPappy t1_jdbfiem wrote

I completely agree with this complaint, but that’s employers abusing the platform. It should totally be updated. I guess I’m just wondering what’s better?


Informal_South1553 t1_jdc7oe0 wrote

You should have a few years of internships by the time you graduate

Edit- - in IT/SDLC, idk the other fields as well.


ChappedPappy t1_jdcfe3r wrote

Idk where you’re based out of, but this is simply not true for most jobs/careers in America.


Informal_South1553 t1_jdcijfz wrote

I work in tech staffing lol. Not all, but plenty of cs grads showing internships/working on projects by graduation.


BruceChameleon t1_jdd0jh6 wrote

Internships are far less common for non-programmers. Tech companies still need staff in every business area.


TheSwiggityBoot t1_jdbce4s wrote

Because its good for like 3 industries that are all working for a massive corp most small business which employ the most people dont touch that shit w/ a 10 foot pole, why would u pay for 90% shit candidates same goes for service industry linked in is a joke for any job that has high turn over. Its for the same reason sites like angies list lead generators are just not used by small businesses, because they are priced for corps.