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GalvestonDreaming t1_jdaacq3 wrote

I guess Indeed will have 2,200 new job seekers on their website.


MakingItElsewhere t1_jdam65c wrote

"Hey Bob, how do we generate more ad revenue from our site?"

"We could lay off a bunch of our employees!"



OHMG69420 t1_jdavmlu wrote

Da fuck do they need so many people for?!!


hawkeye224 t1_jdcasky wrote

It's the same for almost every company. In the 00's you could have 5 people supporting a similar working product, now you have to have 5000 for the same.


-_-_-__-_-_-__-_- t1_jdg24f4 wrote

It’s crazy. Especially this site, it’s a simple database of job postings. There are definitely people there who don’t do anything all day


fortisvita t1_jdb5lgh wrote

I think they will opt for LinkedIn.


ValuableYesterday466 t1_jddxqs0 wrote

LinkedIn has been where I've gotten my last 4, maybe 5, jobs. All the recruiters are on there. Since it's patterned after a social media site it's a good communication channel for initial contact, and they can get a good overview of my skill set and location and job wants by checking out my profile.


WhatTheZuck420 t1_jdcfxjs wrote

their termination emails read: 'Congratulations on being promoted to customer!"


closeafter t1_jdc9poj wrote

I hope not, Indeed is garbage. Every day I get their email with job listings, and absolutely none of the jobs there is remotely related to my experience, area, industry, geographic location or interests I set on my profile.

A random "who's hiring" google search is far more accurate. I'm stunned to learn they have more than 2000 employees


Exotic_Treacle7438 t1_jdcex1h wrote

Hopefully after working there, they’re smart enough not to use the platform that’s filled with trash listings to exploit the vulnerable


TheJadedSF t1_jdajbbo wrote

That site used to be so much better. Now they won’t even link you to the job listing on the employer’s website unless you are logged in with with an Indeed account. So I simply scout there, then go directly to the company’s website if I want to apply to something. What an idiotic strategy. Also filters reset every single flippin time you change something.


JoieDe_Vivre_ t1_jdb9edj wrote

Indeed as dogshit 3 years ago when I graduated and tried to get a job. Like just barely worse than LinkedIn’s job apply feature.

These sites are true garbage.


ChappedPappy t1_jdbapmu wrote

Curious why LinkedIn is even on the same plane as Indeed here. I’ve found all of my jobs, albeit in the Tech industry, on LinkedIn. I hate the social media posting aspect of it but love it for finding work.


JoieDe_Vivre_ t1_jdbb6h5 wrote

There’s a lot of issues. My favorite one to talk about is jobs listed as “Entry Level” per their literal search feature, then when you check the job description it requires 3+ YOE.

Please please please do not say “yeah but they mean entry level to that company” because it’s a really bad argument and purposely deceptive.


cuewithoutyou t1_jdbdgxb wrote

It’s been my experience that “entry level” actually means “be experienced, but expect shit pay.”


poopoomergency4 t1_jdbrjrp wrote

any site that relies on the honesty of hr/recruiting types is doomed to have its posting quality reduced to this point


ChappedPappy t1_jdbfiem wrote

I completely agree with this complaint, but that’s employers abusing the platform. It should totally be updated. I guess I’m just wondering what’s better?


Informal_South1553 t1_jdc7oe0 wrote

You should have a few years of internships by the time you graduate

Edit- - in IT/SDLC, idk the other fields as well.


ChappedPappy t1_jdcfe3r wrote

Idk where you’re based out of, but this is simply not true for most jobs/careers in America.


Informal_South1553 t1_jdcijfz wrote

I work in tech staffing lol. Not all, but plenty of cs grads showing internships/working on projects by graduation.


BruceChameleon t1_jdd0jh6 wrote

Internships are far less common for non-programmers. Tech companies still need staff in every business area.


TheSwiggityBoot t1_jdbce4s wrote

Because its good for like 3 industries that are all working for a massive corp most small business which employ the most people dont touch that shit w/ a 10 foot pole, why would u pay for 90% shit candidates same goes for service industry linked in is a joke for any job that has high turn over. Its for the same reason sites like angies list lead generators are just not used by small businesses, because they are priced for corps.


jazir5 t1_jdh7tqa wrote

The account is free...

Just use a throwaway email like mailinator or 10minutemail


Mikelightman t1_jdaa5dn wrote

Can we go back to a time when people didn't get shitcanned over email?


Kyanche t1_jdbel10 wrote

As long as they pay a big lump sum severance, what's wrong with getting shitcanned over email?


Mikelightman t1_jdcb7m2 wrote

Because it's a cruel & disrespectful way of dismissing people. Plus, most people will never get any severance, let alone a big payment.


DevAway22314 t1_jddcq45 wrote

Honest question, why?

If I'm getting laid off, I'd rather an email. It allows me to collect my thoughts and respond in a way that is optimal for me. It also let's me avoid showing any emotion that could cause problems for me

To clarify: If I got laid off today, I'd be pretty happy about it. If my boss was having a difficult conversation laying me off and I'm obviously happy about it, it might sour any future working relationship. It's not my boss necessarily making the decision, and there are many former bosses who have moved to other companies that I'd be happy working with again


Mikelightman t1_jddq7t0 wrote

that's fair. It's probably a personal preference. I feel like it's just another way that companies dehumanize their employees and treat them like broken toys. In my mind, the company gets to write a stilted robotic email devoid of any humanity and I'm left to float away in space. I've got a family, so if I got laid off, I'd be fucked. it's just harder processing it all alone.


misterjustin t1_jdezg4e wrote

But most of these people work from home by choice. I’d say it would be more humiliating to be called into an office you rarely visit and see people you might never have met in person only to be fired.


Mikelightman t1_jdfstkf wrote

>But most of these people work from home by choice.

That's a huge assumption and also completely irrelevant.

As someone who's experienced both, they're both equally but differently humiliating and depressing.


[deleted] t1_jdai4vd wrote

What in the hell did they need almost 15000 employees for? That's insane!


Jabberwock11 t1_jdal62s wrote

There’s like 3 or 4 Indeed buildings in Austin and I’m always wondering out loud why tf they need so much staff


vellyr t1_jdb4ugk wrote

I wonder that about every skyscraper office building. The amount of floor space in those things is gargantuan. It blows my mind that the average city employs enough spreadsheet-jugglers to fill even one of them.


gabrielproject t1_jdd3bhk wrote

I wonder that about entire cities. How do so many people afford to live in all those expensive NYC apartments. Where/what are all these high paying jobs everyone seems to have?


vellyr t1_jde26ik wrote

Yes! I get that some of it is generational, but I’m a battery engineer and I’m living in a 1 bedroom. Who are all these people that can afford houses, condos, or even big apartments?


BruceChameleon t1_jdd1d4b wrote

They only have a couple floors of the downtown building, but yeah it's excessive.


rabidbot t1_jdb0p94 wrote

They probably don’t need that many, but it takes a shit load of people to properly service, monitor, maintain and upgrade a platform as big as indeed.


maria_la_guerta t1_jdb2968 wrote

There was similar surprise with the whole Twitter debacle - - people think tech companies are just their shitty Front Ends. 🤷


TheSwiggityBoot t1_jdbcjez wrote

When u take PPP loans that cover employee wages for 2 years you employ as many as u can even if theres no work.


sloblow t1_jdcqs6p wrote

This question needs to be asked about EVERY Federal Department and Agency. How many millions of utterly bullshit jobs are US taxpayers paying for? Doing nothing but attending meetings and "doing" email, all while surfing the web, is not work.


-emanresUesoohC- t1_jdaaq87 wrote

2.2k is only 15% of the company?! They are bigger than spacex, for what?


deezynr t1_jdaiqno wrote

My thought exactly. Used it for years as both an employee and employer and never interacted with a human. Wtf are all these people doing?


askho t1_jdakzee wrote

Indeed is more than just the indeed website, they own other companies such as simply hired, glass door and a bunch of other stuff. There’s lots of sales people, hr people on top of engineering. They are also more than just a job board they help people do resume reviews as well as do the actual interviewing for companies as well.

It all adds up when you realize they need a website that runs world wide 24/7 serving millions of people a day.


_MoveSwiftly t1_jdbk4hv wrote

That's not Indeed, that's Recruit you're talking about. A Japanese company, that owns Indeed, Glassdoor, etc.


[deleted] t1_jdalqee wrote



t0slink t1_jdasig1 wrote

You have never run or worked for an online platform with hundreds of millions of users, and it shows.

Just because you can use these websites for free does not mean they are cheap to run, in money or in manpower.


mailslot t1_jdaqimb wrote

I’ll ride this downvote. 15,000 people is insane. Not apples to apples, but Craigslist has about 50 employees.


zorrotm t1_jdar6xf wrote

All the downvoters are all people who have never run a business.


mailslot t1_jdarosx wrote

… or worked or for a well run business.


Zenshei t1_jdb3vr3 wrote

My friend works there, apparently her office was super tense and a bunch of people were crying. One person who was laid off just moved nearby to the office and just had a kid. Lost her job in an instant, no one was warned it was happening today


grep_cat t1_jdbcu2w wrote

That's so sad. I worked there for 5 years (left in 2021) and have lots of fond memories of working there. They treat their employees really well and have a great culture.


aquarain t1_jdbahxd wrote

It always sucks when you get laid off. But this is why you don't get committed to a job, especially a tech job, especially in the first few years.


stateofbrave t1_jdcez4w wrote

My sis got laid off today as well. Used to go there for free breakfast then go to my office, until I got laid off and then now. Sucks man it's a good company to work in


marketrent OP t1_jda9nrk wrote

Excerpt from the linked content^1 by Amanda Silberling:

>At a company that helps people find jobs, 2,200 employees will now have to embark on a job search of their own. Indeed laid off 15% of employees today, CEO Chris Hyams announced in an all-hands meeting.

>In a blog post, Hyams elaborated on the decision by explaining that the job market is expected to continue to cool down. Indeed makes its money by allowing companies to sponsor job listings, which shows the listing to more job seekers.

>But Hyams said that as of last quarter, sponsored job volumes were down 33% year over year, and total job openings were down 3.5%.

>The CEO will take a 25% cut in base pay himself.

>Employees were emailed about their job status within an hour of the announcement — the subject lines of these emails either read “Your Position Has Been Impacted” or “Your Position Has Not Been Impacted.”

>Employees in the U.K., Ireland, the Netherlands and Japan may still be in limbo, due to local regulations.

^1 Amanda Silberling for TechCrunch/Apollo Global Management, 22 Mar. 2023,


AGrayBull t1_jdb0ixu wrote

Must be extra frustrating for employees, knowing there are fewer jobs posted now that they need the service, and that the lack of jobs is exactly why they lost their jobs and need the service.


closeafter t1_jdc9wpw wrote

Yes. "we're going to fire you because nobody is hiring right now" is a tough pill to swallow


Somepotato t1_jdaf0os wrote

Good thing the ceo took an entire 25% base pay cut. What about the board, or coasters?


Drift_Life t1_jdbmh4f wrote

Sits spouse and kids down at the dinner table: “Honey, kids, I have some bad news. We’re going to have to tighten our belts a little, as I’m only going to bring in 2.5 million this year.”

I’m sure the kids are scared, and the possibility of divorce is heightened due to the financial troubles looming in the household. I hope they live in an area with free school lunches and generous social safety nets.


MorbidSloth t1_jdax6r0 wrote

Severance is a 30 day trial for Indeed Plus


cartsucks t1_jdalpnv wrote

How callous can you be to tell people via email with just two subject lines of basically “you can keep paying your bills” or “piss off”


Bo_Jim t1_jdb0f8p wrote

At many companies you find out when your badge doesn't open the door, and someone from security walks up behind you to escort you to your cubicle so you can clear out your personal stuff, then to HR for the exit interview and final pay, and then out the door.

There really is no nice way to tell people they've been laid off. The best you can hope for is a severance package that will tide you over until you can find another job. If you're in your 50's then you'd better get a lot less picky about what you'll do to survive because the odds are good you'll never do the same kind of professional work again.


crimlawguru t1_jdah9dy wrote

So much irony, one wonders where to even begin.


AirbagOff t1_jdb3trz wrote

I sincerely hope that some of these layoffs were from the teams that decided we should have take take a test before we could submit a job application.


r0gue007 t1_jdb4jpb wrote


Recruiters are being let go at a rapid pace in this hiring environment


Educational_Hawk1236 t1_jdbkmvo wrote

It was always so weird that tech, despite trying to revolutionize every other industry, has been shockingly bad at adopting tech as part of the hiring process. It's so weird that the recruiting model of the 80s and 90s stuck around so long


I expect the engineering will *eventually* recover, tech recruiting is gone for good.


neg_meat_popsicle t1_jdb0iw7 wrote

You were the chosen one! It was said that you would destroy the unemployment, not add them. You were to bring balance to the workForce, not leave it with an email!


Odd-Seaworthiness330 t1_jdcfx4b wrote

When you have this occurring it is always a failure of management.


745395 t1_jdcib3z wrote

That's incredibly ironic.


i_identify_as_natty t1_jddqm85 wrote

How does a thing like indeed even have 2,200 employees? I work for a company that provides a much more complex service and we’ve got like 500. Makes zero sense.


QuickgetintheTARDIS t1_jdaxgmu wrote

Well, guess we all know what job search platform those former employees won't be using...


joeg26reddit t1_jdb7czf wrote

Serious question

What percentage are usa citizens, and or permanent residents actually living in the USA?

This ratio is important as it more directly impacts local economies


tallkitty t1_jdbbomi wrote

All of the big ones are gonna do this.


Kyanche t1_jdbegv2 wrote

I wonder if any of these copycat CEOs are going to accidentally dumpster their company by laying off too many people.


Procrasturbating t1_jdbf3rs wrote

Probably a lot less fake job postings these days. Salary requirements in some states, and PPP "loans" not needing paid back anymore.


SeriousFarter t1_jdc32i9 wrote

Or did they just created some new customers


goobershank t1_jdcqhgb wrote

Indeed has more than 2200 employees? Why?


Fitchtommy t1_jddt0aj wrote

Should’ve used Indeed..


octahexx t1_jddviby wrote

It usually leads to a braindrain skilled people start jumping ship when this happens they usually dont wait for the second round of layoffs.


JailbaitEater t1_jdea29v wrote

Currently job hunting. Do you have any recommendations other than LinkedIn and Indeed?


_UltimatrixmaN_ t1_jdazumu wrote

How did they even have that many employees? It's a fucking job aggregator. Basically runs itself minus some poor network engineer in a dark room keeping the servers on.


probono105 t1_jdb4j1u wrote

crazy part is the only had 2300


Admetus t1_jdb5zoq wrote

I read this as 'they indeed did lay off 2200 employees '