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peepeedog t1_jdkvkdr wrote

TIL CNET still exists.


SAugsburger t1_jdn0pbp wrote

This. Before the recent stories about CNET came to light I am not sure that I had hardly heard about them in maybe 10 years. After the controversy from CNET's then owner of CBS intervening in best of CES awards they lost a lot of credibility although I think that Ars Technica passed them by whereas quality of tech news writing >20 years ago. It was news to me that CNET had been resold to new owners that apparently paid a small fraction of what CBS paid. Not clear if CBS retained anything of meaningful value that they didn't resell, but precluding that it indicated that CBS did little to slow the slide of irrelevance of CNET.


k_ironheart t1_jdnb532 wrote

I watched Buzz Out Loud daily for years until they dropped basically all their podcasts. It was such a baffling move to me at the time. YouTube was growing so damn fast back then, and it would have been such an easy choice for them to start a family of channels that drove clicks back to their main site. Yet they not only failed to capitalize off a new platform, they basically shut down their podcasts right as viewership was exploding on the platform.

Then once they actually started taking their channel seriously, they produced some of the most bland, corporate content ever.