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brnape t1_je953ml wrote

"The prominent cloud computing oligopoly has a very anti-competitive posture in cloud," accuses advertising monopoly.


Aarschotdachaubucha t1_je9e4dk wrote

Google is watching its cloud play disintegrate because its cloud is shit. They tried to give services away for years subsidized by their ad money. It's no different than Azure or AWS business models. However, the former has a walled garden of incomprehensible Windows admin shit that is 30 years old to force people to use the Windows cloud, and the other has a powerful first mover advantage that ate a large retail logistics company's entire net revenue for years before profiting.

Google squandered its runway launching and murdering products it couldn't sell ads on. The companies I worked with that used GCP left it as soon as their free terms expired. They were watching features get canned inexplicably or suffer production breaking changes by the same tech culture that kills the rest of their ad-free products.


zodiacsnake t1_jea68gr wrote

It does make you wonder how an online bookstore ended up being one of the biggest players in cloud computing


Aarschotdachaubucha t1_jea6lrf wrote

Being a giant logistics company means you need a very large inventory management system and an even larger POS website. They got tired of capacity planning meetings for data center infrastructure, and needed to find something to do with spare capacity that they needed two years from now, but would take 3 years to grow into.

Hence computer rentals on the Internet were born.


TheGrif7 t1_jebh3bf wrote

I mean as an admin I tend to agree about the incomprehensibly of azure ad and the 29 other control panels Microsoft asks admins to manage. I will say that while the UI is shit, the vertical integration of an all windows environment is very useful for businesses looking to move away from managing hardware, no one else has an offering that comes close. Apple does the same thing in the consumer space and no one ever seems to care. Google's cloud is dogshit though, I've managed workspace tenants and it's so much worse than even Microsoft. Google's documentation is as likely to lie as to tell the truth, and their support is useless.


Atilim87 t1_je95ze1 wrote

Sounds really vague.

From what I’m reading Microsoft is able to sell a bigger more complete package at a relatively cheaper price because of its product portfolio.

Same complaint slack has. Sure you may like Slack more but Teams is just cheaper because its part of a bigger package with software you probably need anywayz


outphase84 t1_jebqdwc wrote

Microsoft gives advantageous licensing terms to their products if you’re on Azure, and in some cases outright blocks you from using their products on a competing cloud provider.


Atilim87 t1_jebqxof wrote

When you write “in some cases” you just do the same thing as this article, making it really vague. N


outphase84 t1_jebr2i9 wrote

Office365 is one such example. Pre installed on Azure VD, cannot be installed on Google VD or Amazon Workspaces.


joesmiley t1_je9z8kq wrote

Google is just upset their Cloud platform is garbage. If they actually improved their offerings and feature set, they could retain customers.


grimace24 t1_je9tp2o wrote

This is hilarious. Microsoft bundling their own products with their cloud services. It's like, I don't know Microsoft is trying to make money and differentiate their cloud from Amazon and Google.


DevoidHT t1_jea9lei wrote

It’s kind of funny monopolies accuse others of being monopolies. Not b/c they’re altruistic, but b/c ai chat bots are going to start cutting into Alphabets search engine and advertising monopoly.

We have a free market, Google should try competing in it and stfu. Same with Elon and his cronies.


marketrent OP t1_je8xj44 wrote

Excerpt from the linked content based on a Reuters interview:^1

>Alphabet's Google Cloud has accused Microsoft of anti-competitive cloud computing practices and criticised imminent deals with European cloud vendors, saying these do not solve broader concerns about its licensing terms.

>Google Cloud Vice President Amit Zavery urged EU antitrust regulators to take a closer look at the issue.

>Google Cloud's first public comments on Microsoft and its EU deals underscores the rivalry between the two U.S. tech giants in the multi-billion-dollar cloud computing business where Google trails market leader Amazon and second-ranked Microsoft.

>"Microsoft definitely has a very anti-competitive posture in cloud. They are leveraging a lot of their dominance in the on-premise business as well as Office 365 and Windows to tie Azure and the rest of cloud services and make it hard for customers to have a choice," Zavery told Reuters in an interview late on Wednesday.

^1 Reuters, via the Hindustan Times/Birla fam, 30 Mar. 2023,


DoctorKonks t1_jeadfp1 wrote

They're not wrong. Hypocrites, but not wrong.


m4c_4ddr3ss t1_jea7ia7 wrote

Microsoft is a trash company