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ikindahateusernames t1_je1r3fr wrote

Antitrust regulation in the US is a joke. I don't know why this is somehow newsworthy, but I doubt anything will happen that benefits the average person. Frankly, I am tired of so-called news companies and journalists (EDIT: and elected officials) not being more critical of companies and their anti-consumer behavior.

Where was the concern when Google and Facebook and the like were buying up smaller tech companies to either integrate services or squash competition? Why was Disney allowed to buy 20th Century Fox, Marvel Entertainment, LucasFilm, and other media companies? Similar question with Microsoft and Sony buying multiple game developers (and waging exclusivity bullshit)?

As with a lot these days, in response to this story, I'll believe it when I see it.


Kastar_Troy t1_je23csy wrote

Happening again right now with MS and Activision and they won't stop shit.

Corporations will be bigger than all of the governments one day if we allow this to continue, we already have enough trouble with them at their current sizes...


tickleMyBigPoop t1_je2wwmu wrote

due to the extremely low barriers of entry to game dev oh and the fact msft merged with acti wouldn’t make a monopoly….well both would mean anti-trust has no grounds


Explorers_bub t1_je36rj6 wrote

Isn’t this what Rollerball warned us of?


pwlloth t1_je4i1ew wrote

it’s what the foundation series by asimov earned us about, too. the trader faction


FreakLipsHighC t1_je3myjk wrote

Cynicism is easy.

Yea antitrust has been a joke.

Lina Kahn is trying. She is pissing off a lot of people.

Do I know that she’ll do a good job? No

Do I think she’s even targeting the right stuff? Not necessarily

But something has materially changed in that we finally have a regular that at least talks a good game.

If you have specific reason why you think it won’t work, I’d love to hear them

But generalized cynicism doesn’t help anyone.


bobniborg1 t1_je31x6e wrote

So here's the thing, corporations were granted personhood but really anything they created is ai right. Because it's property of the Corp not an actual human?


Fake_William_Shatner t1_je2f6ax wrote

I predict a lot of bad decisions that try and prevent drastic changes to the status quo without trying to actually look at the logic of copyright and IP and the future.

Of course, what else can they do? Admit that market capitalism and intellectual property are perhaps obsolete? While sure, there are limits on raw resources, a good chunk of the "scarcity" in products is labor and know-how -- in learning the skills to improve or adapt. That's essentially going to be zero in cost in the near future.

So much of this hype around "jurisprudence" and there is little theology in play; it's merely going with keeping track of who owns what and preserving whatever the status quo is -- then reverse engineering that onto whatever some law said. Over many iterations of interpretation -- some of these concepts bare little resemblance to their Constitutional underpinnings.

And, it's not like we could pass any Amendments today to save our lives -- we can't even save our lives over Global Warming.


oldtobes t1_je7ogcr wrote

we need to get our best ai lawyer on this asap


pmotiveforce t1_je3cud3 wrote

Dreary power grab by grandstanding bureaucrats.


2SK170A t1_je24ise wrote

We don't even understand it, but yeah, lets smother this baby in the crib. Sure.