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LiehTzu t1_jde1sns wrote


BecomeABenefit t1_jdebqe9 wrote

Yes, you see, when the real-estate agent tries to show you a house with an HOA contract, you say "no thanks". If you're renting, you just don't consider houses in an HOA. HOA's are less than 27% of houses.

If you're living with your parents, move out.


LiehTzu t1_jdef1pt wrote

Man, you're so smart! Why didn't all those folks in HOAs simply not be in one!? If only geniuses like you ran the world, we'd all be so much better off. Thank you for your service!


BecomeABenefit t1_jdeqts1 wrote

Don't take this personally, but have you ever actually shopped for a house? I've done it 10+ times now and I've always had options that weren't HOA's. Some people actually prefer to be in one. I've had both good and bad experiences with them. Of the three houses I've actually purchased, only two were in HOA's. In my current one, nobody every really shows up for the HOA meetings and pretty much anybody who wants to be president or on the board can do so with almost no opposition.


Skywalker601 t1_jdevmdi wrote

I'd just like to point out that "pretty much anybody who wants to be president or on the board can do so with almost no opposition." is the unspoken preamble to every HOA horror story I've ever heard, and seems like a monkey's paw positive at best to me.


BecomeABenefit t1_jdex5nm wrote

Sure, it can be abused, but it's also easy to overturn someone that's doing something that people don't like. My HOA just swapped out the entire board and president because the residents didn't like the management company we hired because they were too stringent about writing infractions. Took a whole 20 people out of over 800 to vote the new board in.

In my experience, anybody who complains about their HOA is either too lazy to get involved and spend an hour a month to go to the meetings, or they're the kind of neighbor that nobody wants.