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aChunkyChungus t1_jd8c9c4 wrote

people are buying new cars? How? with the dealership markups being $20k+ you end up with huge negative equity right at the sale...


Badfickle t1_jd8fga2 wrote

You can avoid that by buying direct from the manufacturer and skip the stealership.


Youvebeeneloned t1_jd8m78q wrote

Yep and with EVs thats a lot of whats going on. Ford and Chevy have both basically mandated the dealers are not allowed to mark them up and to report the dealers if they do. Chevy has gone as far as to threaten legal action and the dealer losing their ability to sell GM products all together if they do so.


gsparx t1_jdbqv1j wrote

Chevy certainly isn’t doing this. 5 to 7 thousand automatic dealer markup on Bolt EUVs in the PNW. I almost shipped one from Nevada just to get one at MSRP.


gsparx t1_jdcv332 wrote

lol your first article literally has this secondary headline

> Ford and GM warned dealers to stop marking up new car prices with 'consequences' should they fail to cooperate. But in 2023, markups are still there!

Markups are still there. They may be threatening and warning but it hasn’t made a difference. I literally just got done purchasing an EV. A major reason I didn’t end up with a Bolt is because of the markups.


aquarain t1_jda9xjn wrote

Or you can just buy a Tesla where they're not trying to play that game (and all the other shitty stealership games) and they don't have to be coerced into compliance. It's like a whole other way to buy a car where you don't have to pack a lunch and deal with exploitive mind games all day to get out of there with the car you intended to buy at MSRP.