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aChunkyChungus t1_jd8c9c4 wrote

people are buying new cars? How? with the dealership markups being $20k+ you end up with huge negative equity right at the sale...


giga_phantom t1_jd8ekch wrote

Until i am forced, you will never convince me to purchase an EV.


Youvebeeneloned t1_jd8m78q wrote

Yep and with EVs thats a lot of whats going on. Ford and Chevy have both basically mandated the dealers are not allowed to mark them up and to report the dealers if they do. Chevy has gone as far as to threaten legal action and the dealer losing their ability to sell GM products all together if they do so.


Youvebeeneloned t1_jd8mngv wrote

I just CANT justify it... I have not had to make a car payment in years now, and in ongoing maintenance I am only paying 2-3 grand a year keeping my 11 year old car in working order. I also only spend about 50-70 dollars a month on gas total.

Unless you can get me a EV for less than 330 a month to buy, there is just NO WAY I could justify it financially.


Inconceivable-2020 t1_jd8okyb wrote

More Red States to ban sale of EVs to make their Big Oil Masters happy.


Youvebeeneloned t1_jd8s99o wrote

Not really for a 11 year old car... mind you this is me not even doing the work either. Its still less than a modern car payment though. This is also on average... 1 year it might only be 500 bucks for a alternator, most recently I had both fuel and vent lines replaced due to rust (yay northeast driving).

Honestly the only work I expect to do in the next 12 months is a replacement of my timing chain and water pump as a preventative measure.


giga_phantom t1_jd9oirr wrote

To visit some fam, I drive to places that barely have any gas stations. I doubt charging stations will just miraculously pop up. Unless there’s some mass initiative to update infrastructure in rural and remote areas, im ok paying for a good ol gas guzzling automobile.


aquarain t1_jda9xjn wrote

Or you can just buy a Tesla where they're not trying to play that game (and all the other shitty stealership games) and they don't have to be coerced into compliance. It's like a whole other way to buy a car where you don't have to pack a lunch and deal with exploitive mind games all day to get out of there with the car you intended to buy at MSRP.


gsparx t1_jdcv332 wrote

lol your first article literally has this secondary headline

> Ford and GM warned dealers to stop marking up new car prices with 'consequences' should they fail to cooperate. But in 2023, markups are still there!

Markups are still there. They may be threatening and warning but it hasn’t made a difference. I literally just got done purchasing an EV. A major reason I didn’t end up with a Bolt is because of the markups.