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Living-blech t1_jdnp2sr wrote

5g is still struggling to take off in many places, let alone 6g, which doesn't even have a standard yet.

This seems more like China is putting in a chip that doesn't yet have anything to connect to, so it'll default to whatever signal it can find (most likely 4g).


jinxy0320 t1_jdns9ew wrote

It’s not struggling to within the Chinese domestic market


Living-blech t1_jdny94x wrote

Did not know that. Just did a search and you're right. Thanks.


londons_explorer t1_jdqegui wrote

I think you'd struggle to find anywhere in China without 5G - it's pretty universal.


[deleted] t1_jdnw4cc wrote



pulse14 t1_jdo9i57 wrote

Huawei is a negligent company that is now in serious financial trouble. The core tech they have been using is owned by the western companies that developed it. They undercut the competition by removing essential security features and utilizing multiple occupied bandwidths. They were also found guilty of multiple cases of fraud. Don't forget China supposedly had the world's largest real estate development company and largest coffee chain. Both were fabrications. Huawei lost access to western tech last year after refusing to address security and legal concerns. Their reported revenue from selling devices dropped 40% year over year. They aren't currently selling 5g devices. Their CEO acknowledged the company will be insolvent if they can't quickly find access to 5g chips, and their five year outlook is bleak.


0pimo t1_jdpjog4 wrote

China is going to be in a rough spot once they can’t steal technology from western companies any more.


Living-blech t1_jdnzefq wrote

>that's mainly because the west walled itself off from huawei, despite the company owning a majority of the global 5G marketshare

True... It'd be great to see 5G being more globally available.

>hilarious how westerners are now rejecting advancements in technologybecause they aren't the ones driving it anymore. who needs gigabitinternet nothing needs that much bandwidth anyway!!!

I'm from the US, and i totally agree with you. The west's desire for dominance is impeding with so much potential advancement. 5G was supposed to be widespread in the US by now, but so many things are trying to avoid it - particularly a lot of airports (this hinders major cities) and states (hinders entire regions).

I was thinking of getting a Xiaomi, and the units sold certainly are not far behind American brands. A lot of restrictions are being brought up in regards to imports from China, which is quite annoying.


Vayshen t1_jdpw9l3 wrote

Or just do what, iirc it was AT&T did: just display you're connected to 5g in the phone but it's not actually 5g 🙃

I still can't believe they got away with that.


nicuramar t1_jdq4w5h wrote

It displayed 5Ge or something. 5G NR is an evolution on 4G LTE, so it might soorta make sense.


Living-blech t1_jdrjqz9 wrote

On Verizon, my phone (5g chip) will connect to 5g if there's even a single signal, which leads to terrible connections, and I can't manually change it to 4g unless there's no 5g signal.


itBlimp1 t1_jdopsz2 wrote

Why not get a Samsung then, closest thing


Living-blech t1_jdp214a wrote

That is what I got instead of a Xiaomi. Privacy issues between the US and China were kicking up a lot around that time, so i went with a more local brand.


Competitive-Cow-4177 t1_jdnssxy wrote

On track according to whom?


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Several-Airline-2800 t1_jdplmf2 wrote

Authoritarianism is gross but central planning and one party rule is efficient at getting something done when it wants to.


Competitive-Cow-4177 t1_jdqc5f6 wrote

With this 6g technology right now it is not even certain it has no negative short-, mid- and / or longterm health effects on humans, animals & nature; any idea why they step over this obstacle so easy?

Only because mr. Xi his “credit” & the claim he, Xi Jinping is a god; he thinks he can do this? That is no reason.

Because there are likely more Gods IF there is one.

Or is it just another “mistake” of another “world leader” being “used” to make society even increasingly ready for more & more robots, without (traditional) leaderships knowing what this entails exactly .. sailing along with presented (new) technology .. clearly (?)

Accepting big amounts of cash, promises & goals without really thinking about the side-effects of certain (6g) development, just wanting to be the first / most powerful on Earth.


reallyrich999 t1_jdpmcre wrote

I remember a time where people said there could be no such thing as 5G lol.