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Hrmbee OP t1_jbfsi3a wrote

>DuckAssist uses OpenAI’s natural language technology to generate answers to user's search queries at the top of the search results page, making responses more direct than traditional search results. > >Contrary to other generative AI search assistants that use input from thousands of websites, DuckAssist only sources information from Wikipedia and Britannica, hoping to prevent incorrect information from being used when generating answers. > >This restrained approach also differentiates DuckAssist from the AI-powered summarizer that Brave Search launched last week, which sources content from news portals, making it more susceptible to false or misleading information in some cases. > >... > >As for search query anonymity, which sits at the core of DuckDuckGo’s values, the company assures that DuckAssist is fully integrated into its private search engine; hence, user queries or browsing history aren’t logged. > >Some data has to be transmitted to search content partners like OpenAI and Anthropic, but no personally identifiable information or IP addresses are ever shared with those entities. > >DuckDuckGo says that DuckAssist will gradually roll out to users in the coming weeks and promises that this will be the first of the many AI-assisted features it plans to roll out in the coming months.

It's good that this company is rolling these features out cautiously and gradually, and limiting it initially to Wikipedia and Britannica. Also cautiously optimistic that their commitment to privacy will remain with this new service, but only time will tell.