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Hexacus t1_je9y20z wrote

Why samsung? Can it be any other android device?


Formal-Stranger-5914 OP t1_je9ym74 wrote

He’s turning 6 and likes to play Roblox so I need something that won’t lag and will keep up with the frame rate


Deranged40 t1_jea0t6i wrote

Amazon Fire Kids.

It's not Samsung, it's the best tablet for kids.


app_generated_name t1_jea2pa1 wrote

Get the CHEAPEST android based tablet available. We got my 12yo their first tablet around that age. Go cheap, don't worry about lag, limit screen time.


InformalPenguinz t1_jea3tz6 wrote

Buy a second hand one, factory reset it and you'll save on cash. Kids typically destroy shit so don't go crazy buying a new one.


veritanuda t1_jea6gwy wrote

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