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Ipraythisworks0315 t1_jdtn1tb wrote

This maybe a long shot, but I would like to put a device similar to Alexa or Ok Google in a nursery for a child. I would also like to record several hours of me reading books. However, I like the capability of a device like the two I mentioned before to be able to play random sounds, or give information on demand. Is it possible to have these device store playlist or sounds that I make or are there any devices that can do what I mentioned .


veritanuda OP t1_jdzmthw wrote

Sounds like something you could do with Neon OS


321MuffinTime t1_je9v1gq wrote

Why would you overcomplicate it? Of course there are plenty of options to play back playlists through smartspeakers (Youtube, Spotify, local media etc etc), or am I missing something here?