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sirhackenslash t1_jebougu wrote

Also it will only be available to the ultra rich


ParadigmCG t1_jebqg31 wrote

Nah, you're thinking too poor.

We'll be able to get it, we have infinite time to repay the loan*

* The loan will be large enough that you'll never pay it down due to interest and if you get upset your recurring treatments will no longer get loans.


grue2000 t1_jebrg36 wrote

Infinite indentured servitude.


ParadigmCG t1_jebsb92 wrote

Now we're thinking rich


Western-Image7125 t1_jebviyz wrote

And no one repays their loan in full, interest keeps going on increasing. So the debt increases exponentially forever. Until the day the house of cards comes crashing down and people/banks need their money back for some reason. Then there’ll be widespread bloodshed and fighting and suddenly nobody is immortal because nobody is safe. So the earth is rid of humans as it always should have been.


TerryP_2000 t1_jecng53 wrote

Yearly subscription. Fine print will say they reserve the right to cancel at any time.


eugene20 t1_jeddbpg wrote

Without infinite production available, it would still be going to the highest bidders first and that would cut out what loans could be gained for all but those already with credit ratings so high only the incredibly rich achieve.


brocka684 t1_jeesyww wrote

Or…You just get Real poor and Default on the loan. Fcuk it! You’re already gonna be living for Much longer. Might as well crash your credit score and high tail it into the Beach. Live off the land and Never be seen again!


Throwaway08080909070 t1_jebvqe1 wrote

If you're going to fantasize based on nonexistent tech that absolutely isn't on the horizon, why make it the same old doomer fantasy?

Be creative, even if you are depressed.


ersatzgiraffe t1_jec5ude wrote

You know maybe there are people at Google that don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, perhaps.


[deleted] t1_jecadqw wrote

  • He doesn’t work at Google anymore

  • He's 75 years old best-selling author

  • He has made nearly 150 predictions in the last decades and roughly 86% of them became true, becoming an institution of futurology.

  • You didn't read the article.

> there are people [...] that don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, perhaps.

Exactly. Exactly.


Mutex70 t1_jecplp3 wrote

And how was that 86% number determined? Oh right, that was his own interpretation of how many predictions he had gotten right.

The guy is like a tech version of a psychic. He makes money by promising unrealistic bullshit without a shred of evidence.


VdomanFla t1_jefqr3m wrote

I predict that the comment before yours will be down-voted. There, I'm off on my journey as a prognosticator.


[deleted] t1_jedth51 wrote

He was fact checked externally. Listen, it's not that difficult: In 1995 he says "In 2010 1000$ computers will have as much storage as the human brain" and he turns out to be right. Easy.


DevAway22314 t1_jef1o8z wrote

You were fact checked externally. By me. The result was:


All the sources I looked at cited the storage capacity of the human brain in the petabyte range, with all sources putting it at >10TB, which is many times the storage capacity of a 2010 computer for $1000

2.5 petabytes:

10-100 TB:

>1 petabyte:

The inaccuracy aside, it's a ridiculous claim anyway. There is no good way to compare the two, and the fact the range of estimates varies by >200x should say a lot about it


ersatzgiraffe t1_jecdq6c wrote

Commentary on the over reliance of “expert at google says” as a means of establishing credibility, especially since this guy doesn’t even work there anymore as you noted. “Experts at Google” in particular have been wrong about a billion things recently and it’s reflected in their patriarchal stance on AI tools, the fact that it’s become a parasitic ad company and the fact that it can’t compete with ChatGPT and ChatGPT-like services because no one who works there anymore is either capable of or allowed to actually innovate unless it involves dicking with the SEO algorithm to continue to toxify the internet with shit spam nonsense content instead of actual information made by people.


Mutex70 t1_jecpcah wrote

Ray Kurzweil regularly makes incorrect predictions, then goes on to argue that they were "essentially correct", even though they weren't:


VdomanFla t1_jefqfhk wrote

I work in the corporate meetings business. Ray was hired one time to give an afternoon keynote speech, and this was many, many years ago. One takeaway I remember was that he predicted that everybody would have their own IP address, maybe even a tattoo or transmitter under one of their fingers. That way anyone can walk up to any terminal and all their lives will be accessible. The justification would be freedom of travel, money access, and medical history, all their data and photos can be accessed without the need to carry anything.

It was a very utopian vision and didn't take into account all the unscrupulous activity that big companies and government would engage in.


mrstubali t1_jeby769 wrote

What type of immortality? Are we talking elven immortality, highlander immortality, vampire immortality, phoenix immortality, immortal immortality? Also will the nanobots give you spam?


Hitroll2121 t1_jedc00q wrote

The article says he thinks it will be able to repair cells / other damge essentially stoping death from natural causes


ColinDare2000 t1_jec6loz wrote

Sure, this is some Elon Musk level shit/nonsense.


redEPICSTAXISdit t1_jecxsml wrote

We still don't even have regular common everyday use of flying cars yet, and they've been saying that was in the very near future for over 60 years now!


KhellianTrelnora t1_jebtqa9 wrote

Yay. So much for longing for the peace that only death can bring. I get to work forever!


08148692 t1_jec2fl0 wrote

Even saving small amounts of money, if invested well you'd be able to live comfortably off the interest after only a century or so of work. A blink of an eye in the time span of an immortal life

Einstein said something smart about compounding interest but I forget what it was


OG_Tater t1_jectbf7 wrote

If everyone’s lifespan was infinite then money would adjust to that.


gurenkagurenda t1_jee8sun wrote

“Invested well” is carrying a lot of weight there. The safe money is that you won’t beat the market, and unless we continue to have exponential economic growth forever, eventually that interest will fall off.

I think it’s actually more realistic to hope that we’ll end up in a post-scarcity world in the next century or so, where money is more like Reddit karma — a mild incentive, rather than a necessity.


TheNewTonyBennett t1_jeccm4s wrote

Don't you mean "insanely rich people will be able to..."? Because I mean, that's what that would lead to, immediately.


JimLaheeeeeeee t1_jecks5k wrote

Yeah, whatever, Ray Kurzweil. You been peddling this bullshit for the past 40 years. It’s always “just 7 to 10 years away”.


TwistingEcho t1_jebwtab wrote

Have you seen "Repo: The Genetic Opera"?


fitzroy95 t1_jeculsa wrote

Yes, the technology will improve to the point of that being achievable, but not in the next 7 years. Maybe 2050 ?


germanium66 t1_jeczw90 wrote

Retirement age will be set at 262 years old. The French will be protesting I definitely.


error201 t1_jedsp3b wrote

Right after fusion power.


Champagne_of_piss t1_jeednmm wrote

Kurzweil is cool and all but i don't think this one's coming true


Cycleguy57 t1_jeexf8z wrote

I’d love for this to be an accurate prediction. It’s not.


VdomanFla t1_jef7gn9 wrote

There can be only one!


Jaymez82 t1_jefpie3 wrote

Immortality is my greatest fear. Here's to hoping I don't make it to the 2030's.


hngovr t1_jebr6nw wrote

This will totally fix the environment


WrenchSense t1_jec503x wrote

Hmm... Maybe we should try it on vegans first just in case.


MammothJust4541 t1_jec7026 wrote

Right around the same time Trump will go to jail for his crimes and nazis will stop hating jews.


compugasm t1_jec8y7e wrote

Hmm, have you ever seen someone who's 120 years old? They look like mummies.


robot_jeans t1_jed0fu5 wrote

Does this former Google "scientist" happen to be from South Africa and have bad hair transplants?


noobgolang t1_jedbuzw wrote

Google —-> not true

That what i observed til now, they make all the false claims


BlogeOb t1_jebt16f wrote

Subscription inc