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[deleted] t1_jedth51 wrote

He was fact checked externally. Listen, it's not that difficult: In 1995 he says "In 2010 1000$ computers will have as much storage as the human brain" and he turns out to be right. Easy.


DevAway22314 t1_jef1o8z wrote

You were fact checked externally. By me. The result was:


All the sources I looked at cited the storage capacity of the human brain in the petabyte range, with all sources putting it at >10TB, which is many times the storage capacity of a 2010 computer for $1000

2.5 petabytes:

10-100 TB:

>1 petabyte:

The inaccuracy aside, it's a ridiculous claim anyway. There is no good way to compare the two, and the fact the range of estimates varies by >200x should say a lot about it