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happyhoppers t1_jcca2le wrote

>The firm said AI won't be used to provide clients with legal advice, nor will it replace or substitute lawyers and professional legal services.

I'm sure they had to mention this for legal reasons, but truthfully they will probably just copy paste from the bot


GanGa OP t1_jccar7g wrote

Probably, yeah. But then again, if it can provide accurate information, I don't see why not.


ChingasoCheese t1_jcdnusp wrote

I think it'll increase their prices too. A while ago, lawyers didn't want the bot because it messed with the legitimacy of their expertise (npr article). Now, they'll use it to define their expertise with a premium attached.


pickles55 t1_jccg5vn wrote

It will be interesting to see what happens when a case comes along that they screw up because they trusted a chatbot with no understanding of the law to replace a human. If a person makes a big mistake you can fire them, even sue them or get them put in prison. When an AI program makes a mistake where will the liability land?


GanGa OP t1_jccgnv5 wrote

I guess the only one they could technically blame is the company that developed the AI for them, but I'm sure they were smart enough to make them sign a waiver to not be liable.

If they decide to sue tho, I guess it comes in handy that they're a law firm, they can just do it themselves.


the_lovely_woods t1_jccysah wrote

“Speed up their work” lol. Let’s see how many of the workers will be there next yr. The end times are nigh.


WhatTheZuck420 t1_jcfnmr3 wrote

server in cloud tied to speaker boxes on each desk: "Get back to work" and "Faster, faster" every 5 minutes