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Nariessential t1_jbxyhr5 wrote

most notable failure of his likely.


icebeat t1_jc0h423 wrote

Did you already used? Otherwise shutout


postart777 t1_jbzz527 wrote

His legacy is secure, that is certain, but it is not pretty. iAnthropocene


unmondeparfait t1_jbyxnnt wrote

Stop this. VR/AR isn't going to do any better this time around. I know, back in 2011 you were all convinced that VR, Bitcoin, solar freakin' roadways, Elon Musk, and Ron Paul were going to save the world, but that was wrong. On every count. VR isn't going to happen. Maybe when the next hype cycle comes around in 20 years, or maybe the one after that. For now it's a toy.


GreatBigJerk t1_jbze1fm wrote

The tech behind VR is pretty solid, and there is a ton of VR content available. It's expensive and a niche thing right now, but it's not bullshit or vaporware.


DarthBuzzard OP t1_jbz31cx wrote

VR in the 1990s lasted what, two years? Total $ investment in the hundreds of millions at best? No large corporation releasing headsets?

That's wildly different to today. It is still a niche platform for sure, but it's still here and hasn't gone in year three, and has tens of billions of dollars in investment across many large corporations, with a lot of advancements that are being made.

As for AR, it's never been tried before as a consumer product, so there was no previous attempt.


hoti0101 t1_jc0rs1b wrote

If you bet on Elon Musk and bitcoin in 2011 you’d be a very wealthy person right now.