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luckyscars t1_je3xu5h wrote

It’s a huge, long term investment. We’ve only seriously been doing this shit for about a decade.

Carbon emissions being high currently is obviously concerning, but it really doesn’t belong in a conversation about renewable power and I caution you against the conflation since deniers are liable to use it in bad faith. “Look! See! Doesn’t work! No better!”


Tearakan t1_je3y63j wrote

That's not my argument. Mine is clearly our current economic and government systems are failing to slow climate change. Technology wont save us from civilization collapse alone.

It will require drastic changes now. WW2 levels of international effort in a very short amount of time.

We already had issues with farming in a huge number of significant regions last year. If that continues we will end up seeing the largest famine in human history in a decade or two.

El nino is coming this summer and it'll supercharge the warming we already see.


luckyscars t1_je3ynfv wrote

Well yeah and I am pretty sure 99.99% of the people on this subreddit know all that.

Nevertheless there is no need to counter every utterance of positive news, which this is, with a “it’s not good enough”.

Like, nobody here is saying it is good enough, but by constantly hammering home the point that it’s not good enough you aren’t going to encourage investment in solutions but give rise to arguments like “there’s no point in bankrupting ourselves for something that is out of our control”, which is the current position of most right wingers.

What I think would really help is for people to see the encouraging signs for what they are, become positively engaged with increasing those successes (by better insulating their houses, investing in solar stocks, etc) and just generally not being so fucking negative. If nothing else, it’s terrible for mental health.


Tearakan t1_je3yzfp wrote

Yes there is. Far too many people don't seem to understand what happens during massive famines. They forget the war and horror that quickly follows regardless of how "civilized" a country used to be.

People need to be scared and frightened. Or they won't change.

That "investment" thought is part of the problem. There won't be any worthwhile investments if countries end up tearing each other apart for food and water.

As for mental health yep I agree it sucks. But that's pretty much an expected symptom of our fucked up civilization at this point.


luckyscars t1_je3z692 wrote

Okay, well best of luck converting them through Reddit posts and downvoting immediately any dissent.


CMDRStodgy t1_je4ckqe wrote

> People need to be scared and frightened. Or they won't change.

People who are scared and frightened don't tend to change. They horde, they embrace authoritarians, they try to go back to the good old times, they fight - mostly with each other. The one thing they do not do is fix the problem.

People who are hopeful and optimistic tend to embrace change. They work with others for a better future instead of fighting over what ever is left.


Tearakan t1_je5jh3d wrote

Lol. No they aren't. The people who are currently hopeful and optimistic are okay with slow progress, which isn't nearly fast enough anymore.

The people who started the french revolution vs their king were scared and had hatred for their rule, MLK and his followers were scared and hated the oppression.

Hopeful and optimistic people don't want change because the status quo is working great for them.

There is the threat of falling into authoritarianism. But that's always a threat as the US government is showing now with our shitty recent Supreme Court decisions.


_WardenoftheWest_ t1_je42e2s wrote

You’re really trying hard to be edgy aren’t you.


trevize1138 t1_je598jt wrote

It's easy to feel all wise-to-the-game having your "wake up, sheeple!" moment when you're only arguing against the strawmen you created.