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gurenkagurenda t1_je4uofw wrote

The bills to the consumer, adjusted for inflation, aren’t higher. You’re literally just looking at the effects of across the board inflation and saying “look at how much more expensive it got!”


Dollar_Bills t1_je5090m wrote

You're literally ignoring the costs to produce energy going down every year. The cost to produce energy with a free fuel is pretty cheap, if you didn't know that. From an article "Berkeley Labs reports a nationwide average levelized PPP of $24 per MWh in 2019, or 2.4 cents per kWh. This represented a decrease of 17% over the year before (2018) and a 80% decline since 2010. "

So yeah, at least double what it should cost us and we are being charged more than ever for cheaper power.

Look at how much you love protecting regulators and big business!


gurenkagurenda t1_je50jp7 wrote

Ladies and gentlemen, witness the wonder of the amazing moving goalpost! Watch in awe as it skips across the stage! How does it do it? What arcane forces have animated this humble object?