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Badfickle t1_je4y6fu wrote

This is true but depends on the time scale you are looking at. Prior to 2019 gas dominated new capacity additions. The last 5 years solar and wind took over and are growing rapidly. The IRA will accelerate that trend.


Justtryme90 t1_je50y3k wrote

Doesn't mean we shouldn't be honest about the current reality.


confusedapegenius t1_je53lba wrote

True, but the headline is also honest.


Justtryme90 t1_jecb4la wrote

It's implying surpassing coal is significant, it's not really. We need to do more, we will, but still.


confusedapegenius t1_jef9mre wrote

I’d say it’s significant, as a milestone. These things can have psychological importance that are independent of engineering. But I agree that’s no reason to stop accelerating the renewables transition.