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omar_strollin t1_je52cc4 wrote

And old EV batteries can be used for home storage as they phase out


trevize1138 t1_je56y5f wrote

I've been told that "dead" EV batteries go to landfills where they leak lead into groundwater. Are you saying that's BS? /s


omar_strollin t1_je5uw98 wrote

:) for anyone who has been misled, EV batteries are very valuable and often repurposed and, if not, recycled.

Just kidding, they’re thrown into day care center and spontaneously combust, killing all inside.


trevize1138 t1_je6dlfb wrote

Dead batteries will de-magnetize your credit cards and give your psycho ex your current phone number.


AntifaDoesntExist t1_je5br3y wrote

these same pricks would be the ones who would thump their chest about nuclear and how "safe" waste storage is.


trevize1138 t1_je5d3zx wrote

Right? Even if the storage issue were solved and nuclear was somehow safe it's also losing out to solar/wind/batteries now strictly on economics. It's becoming a whole new market where power generation and storage can be done very small scale with home solar being so cheap. Nuclear is old fashioned because it's still just massive grid generation. Power is getting democratized beyond that now.


altmorty OP t1_je5ydpw wrote

It's so funny watching conservatives bash renewables and storage, and then quietly install it for themselves. This is while they campaign for more nuclear, while blocking its development anywhere near them.


danielravennest t1_je6nyub wrote

Texas has the most wind and solar of any state in the US. One reason is they have been set up to lease property for oil and gas for a long time. Switching to leasing for wind and solar is straightforward. The land-owners only care that their lease checks clear.