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WeimarRepublic t1_je5ax6i wrote

>The market has spoken and it's saying renewable energy is the future. There's no way any other energy source can compete.

Cool, can we end the subsidies then


AntifaDoesntExist t1_je5cua8 wrote

If we also end the subsidies on gas and oil? Sure. Renewables is actually cheaper than those as well if we do so.


Wwize t1_je5cgin wrote

Why? Fossil fuels and nuclear get subsidies too. They get much bigger subsidies. You also seem to be unaware that we have a major crisis with climate change and we need to build renewable energy as fast as possible, so even though it is cheaper, it is in our best interest to subsidize it anyway so we can build it faster. We should stop subsidizing fossil fuels though.


Diknak t1_je5cnfi wrote

if you want to remove coal and gas subsidies's not like renewables are the only energy subsidies. Hell, the oil industry is the most subsidized industry on the planet.