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danielravennest t1_je6yhct wrote

The Vogtle plant expansion in Georgia (from 2 to 4 reactors), is costing three times as much per delivered kWh as solar. That's why there's no new nuclear planned in the US.

New nuclear, like small modular reactors, will have to prove they are cheaper, not promise it, because nuclear promises have all failed to come in at budget.


Deutchpleuw t1_je6z3ka wrote

Well that’s for sure. The over head for building a plant isn’t just money expensive, it’s a massive time investment too because of inspection regulations prior to activation. But in terms of power out compared to impact to environment seems to be the current best option (damaged solar components cannot in most cases be recycled or repaired, at least based on what they told us in school and the fins on a wind turbine are very similar causing them to be a potentially big garbage issue) so I wish we could look past that investment overhead and focus on the output :( I know very idealistic and naive I just wish


Deutchpleuw t1_je6zgan wrote

You know what though, I feel like I heard there may some serious advancements in the recycling of those parts so who knows, maybe we’ll see that totally change